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DS1 Multiplayer party mod?

I recently got my fiance to play DS1... Is there a mod to allow us to recruit party members in multiplayer, or am I forgetting how it works?


WAIT! Loss?

It's time now for the "too much information" blog post. Hurray!


I found two micro mini skirts...

I like wearing them because they shock people and the air flow is great on hot days. I think they would make great armor, however my modding tools no longer work. Maybe someone else could make them


Help -- A very weird problem

I was happily playing DS1 Kingdom of Ehb testing out Kathy's new bow mod. Played for two hours last night everything was good when I saved. When I started up tonight there was a black screen that took up half the screen and within it there was a comment about my what my next quest was. it was sitting behind my inventory screen. Tried to make a screen shot of the issue, but the screen shot was normal. If I clicked on the X between my inventory screen and magic screen it closed everything. There are only two new mods that I am using.


ranged spell & some new bows (DS1) *updated*

Fixed an error with ammo template. New version of mod has been uploaded (test bows 0929b).
Please keep in mind that the mod is not complete.

A few weeks ago I posted a blog entry about modding some custom bows. I've been working on this mod and currently have a version that has five bows with various types of custom damage. I've also included a nature spell I've been working on that's the ranged equivalent of "charged fist". The spell can be cast on any member of the party and scales with the caster's nature magic skill.


Crossbow Blood Assassins, Nerfs and problems


Before act 2, one thing was clear: LadyFemme's shop mod had to go. Mind me, it was good at helping me learn how the shops work, but it was very unsatisfying on the reagent front, too powerful on the weapons front, and unnecessary when it came to spells.


Crossbow Blood Assassins, Concept and Act 1


A while ago I played through Broken World again, taking the same Fist of Stone route with Osric that I took at my uncle when I first played the game. I was playing at my uncle too. This time it was in a full party, and everyone was re-specialized for shields. I wanted tankiness, and by Xeria I'd have it.

As usual, I have a distaste for missing out skill points from quests. EXP differences I can smooth out with time and a little effort, but permanently missing skill points? That's where I draw the line.



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