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Modding kit (.. for beginners)

Could anyone suggest what the basic software requirements are to begin modding?


Well you need something to Compile all your work into a DSRES file and the application for this is the Rapid Tank Creator

You need something to Uncompile your work if you want to modify the content in a DSRES file, or just open up some game resources
for this you will need Tank Viewer

And to edit GAS files you could use NotePad but highly recommended is the program known as

Obviously if you want to make 3D Models you will need GMAX installed then the Dungeon Siege Tool Kit
installed directly after so you can use SiegeMax

Also found in the
Dungeon Siege Tool Kit is the application called Siege Editor which is used for making Maps

And last but not least, I reckon you would need quite a bit of Common Sence, Good Imagination and creative skills.

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it all depends on what you want to make..and the size depends on what is in the mod..

so if you could tell us what kind of mod you want to make i could help you a little more.

but there is one thing you will need and that is the DS tool kit which can be found here


I've reserved a 40g drive just for modding - is there an ideal HD set-up for modding?

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you don't need 40 gigs. Even 100mb is good enough.
I keep my mod files on a separate drive since the beginning of time so no problems there. As longs as you have it organized, there's no problems.
GPG will not ship their tools with the game. You'll download them and of course they are separate versions from DS counterparts.

It's not like the animation they're using are motion-captured. Any ds2 animation can be recreated in ds1. Heck most of the player animations are from ds1.

Get your hands dirty and start modding already! Don't be concerned with the small stuff Wink

Thanks - where's the best place to put the SU Compilation help file?


Just remember i dont have a photographic memory i have a pornographic memory (Kinda like photographic memory but with better visuals)

PS. Just one more question - where's the best place to put the SU Compilation help file??

On the computer I would think... Lacking a computer in your pocket. But if you had no computer then why are you here? Oh I am thinking to much and my brain hurts!


Of course..

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i would make a shortcut of the tutorail and all the other programs you will need a lot on my desktop..


It's always struck me as odd that when a character discovers gold in a game, the enemy don't all rush in to try and steal it - how would such a thing be implemented - I assume the gold would go to the person who was nearest,to the pick-up point or the quickest to get there - is that possible in DSTK...??

I think GPG wanted to implement something like this.

You might want to take a look at the brain_thief.skrit in


It is set to steal an item, but I am sure stealing gold would be in the domain of the possible.

If you mean some kind of rush toward any fallen items or gold, again, I am sure it would be possible. You have to modify some brain skrits to do that, instead of attacking, for example, ithe ennemies would prefer to pickup stuff.

The hard part would be to make those guys drop the loot once/if they get caught. I don't think monsters have an inventory. What they would get would in essence disappear. Smile

I don't think monsters have an inventory.

I'm pretty sure they do but it's accessed differently than player characters. More like the storekeeper's inventory which is non-standard size. Otherwise where does the items come from that they drop? It's referred to from the inventory block in their template. Also don't forget about the golem you summon with that summon_helper spell (I've never used it, does it work?). It's set to collect loot & then drop it when it disappears.

Concerning the brain_thief.skrit, if you look in world\contentdb\templates\regular\dev\test.gas, you'll find a template called dev,t:template,n:krug_thief. This template sets up an actor to use the brain_thief.skrit. Just copy it & rename it to remove the dev part, and you'll be able to place the actor into a map to test it.

Now there must have been a reason GPG didn't use the skrit. Perhaps it's buggy, maybe it's not much fun, etc. I haven't tried it so I can't say.

There was also a thief skrit & code in the source of the Kingdom Project. Unfortunately I no longer have a copy but someone may know and there was a link at Siegenetwork in the open source section of mod development, if memory serves & unfortunately it often doesn't.

Note: dethkiller is now known as gamer8174

Summon Helper is a quite useful spell. It simply runs in and steals everything on the ground once the monsters are dead.

It has limited inventory space so it cant pick up like 500 items. The script may be different from what your looking for because it only picks up items when there is no enemys within i think 25 feet of it, in other words its a cowardly theif.

Just downloaded the v2.1 patch for DS2 - I haven't even got the game yet!!

I've just seen Siege University 2 over at GPG - and now my brain has turned to mush... :hypno:

[Edit: 27thDEC2005] - I think I'll stick with DS1 for now - I'm running:

Abstraction (Beta_995)
Lands of Hyperborea
Legends of Utrae
Ultima V - Lazarus
Kaishun there's plenty of inspiration

Here's an extraordinary site, it's a visual feast - take the time to explore it, if you have Broadband.. I love it! - nice isn't it?

(Blondin runs off to chase birds in the woods...)

..of course you know about the huge array of tutorials at:

And if you are missing any tools I have the old Game Editting complilation file with 21 apps in it, though some are a bit repetitive and some are not real usefull. Anyhow here is a direct link to the file since I have not made a page for it yet. GE Tools Compilation Cool

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bare_elf wrote:
PS. Just one more question - where's the best place to put the SU Compilation help file??

On the computer I would think... Lacking a computer in your pocket. But if you had no computer then why are you here? Oh I am thinking to much and my brain hurts!


Who says you cannot have a windows XP computer that fits in your pocket? Cool :P

Its pocket size and 30GB drive is more than enough for light modding on the go. Wink