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New Dwarf Head

As a test of my method for importing the skeletons for DS2 and BW content, I pulled in the Dwarf's skeleton and made him a new head with proper muttonchop whiskers.

If anyone wants to use it in a mod, let me know by PM and you can have the ASP or gmax files. I've tested it only in the Animation viewer so far (it does stitch correctly to the neck), but I haven't made the gas changes to use it in the game.

I didn't hook up the bones for facial animation, as only a few NPC's use that. The whole head is weighted to the head bone, which is why I'm offering the gmax file for anyone who needs to go the extra mile.

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Could this be used to fix our problem with creating new armor? I remember you telling us about the new bones making it problematic to create such. I myself wouldn't have a clue where to start. Sad

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Good stuff ghastley. ^^ Speaking of how the head stitches to the neck, I don't like how the GPG human male head attaches itself. The neck looks broken when using the dual-wield animations.

The ability to get an untwisted skeleton does indeed make new armor possible. The only difference between heads, helmets, gloves, boots and body armor is which bones they get weighted to. Each one needs a copy of the basic skeleton from the original mesh (which needs to be divided into submeshes that the armor items replace, which is why the monsters can't be fully playable with major mods).

Pink bunny slippers for Dwarves can't be too far off now!

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ghastley wrote:
Pink bunny slippers for Dwarves can't be too far off now!

W00t! ^^

Great to hear. One of these day's I'll get around to learning enough 3D modeling to make my own armors.

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New head works and looks fantastic Ghastley. :thumbup:

I have also noticed that weapons will pass through the character's legs in some of the dual wield attacks, so dual-wield is a generic problem.

Broken and deformed joints is an effect of low-poly models and not easy to fix without more polygons at the joints. Smoothing the mesh hides some of this but can't affect the joins between sub-meshes, so the neck, where a submesh join is at a joint, gets no help at all. The boot and glove joins are halfway along a bone, so there's no deformation at the join to make it look wrong, but when i made a few gloves reach to the elbow, I got the same problems there. Knee-high boots would also be bad, but moving the join from mid-calf to mid-thigh works fine.