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DS1 named values for enchantment blocks

DS1 named values for enchantment blocks

Always required

alteration = Name of the Alteration Type

value = The value to do your alteration by

duration = Duration the effect lasts (usually #infinite on items or the effects expire on them like a spell)

is_permanent = Is this alteration permanent.  Setting this to anything but true will cause odd results!

is_single_instance = Can only this alteration be on at a time.  Setting this to anything but false will cause really bad results.

Required in certain circumstances for some alterations, otherwise should not be used

max_value = The maximum value to do your alteration by, if required by the alteration to specify.

custom_damage = The type of custom damage required for some alterations.  Fire, Ice, Lightning are valid values.

Completely optional

description = Description to Display On The Item, If Not Specified The Enchantment Still Works However

effect_script_equip = Name of effect script to execute upon initial equipping

effect_script_hit = Name of effect script to execute when a hit is scored by the weapon

custom_damage_skrit = Name of the skrit to play when used with custom damage types.  Not used very often!

multiply_value = Defaultly your value is added to your alteration.  This allows it to be multiplied instead of added if set to true instead of false.

initial_delay = Initial delay in seconds before the alteration is triggered...There is no real reason to use this.

innate_enchantment = Just merely changes the text color of the alteration to look built into by setting this to true.  (Like the % block on a shield)