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Dungeon Siege history

This 40 page long history document, written by Lone Knight, spans the content from:

  • Dungeon Siege 1 (including the Utraean Peninsula map)

  • Yesterhaven

  • Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna

  • The bonus Quest to Legends of Aranna

  • Dungeon Siege 2

  • Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World

  • Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony

They are all canonical works by GPG. Nothing else has been added.

(Beware of spoilers if you have not finished all the games!)


Soon the Familiars were defeated, an Elven boy named Arinth was born. This boy was very gifted with the powers of the tribe of the Edhel. Drindan the Wise, another powerful wizard, and Isteru taught this boy, turning him into a very skilled spell caster. Upon reaching adulthood, Arinth went with Drindan to the healing waters of the Edhel. Arinth was able to use and bear more magic energy than any Elf could before, and created a staff that he infused the ability to amplify his magic even more so.

- Chapter I - Origins

Upon entering, the soldiers encountered horribly mutated and disfigured spiders, along with evidence that the dungeon had once been an Utraean research and experimentation base for evolution projects. Eventually, the soldiers encountered a “Queen” of these spiders, who was identified to be Ashish, the Utraean warrior woman who hailed from the Utraean Empire, and who was the lover of Lord Hovart. When the Utraeans discovered that Ashish fell in love with Lord Hovart, they called her back to the Utraean Isles, where they tortured her and used her in their experiments.

- Chapter 9 – Wars of the Utraean Isles.

Dungeon Siege History (.doc)