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Who cares about the holidays or getting a new armor?

SiegeNetwork is back! ^^

ps. Thanks for pointing it out sjr.

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I do care about the holidays (a celebration of life with family...), and the new armor would be nice... but I agree that SN being back is most welcome news. Smile

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I've been trying (off and on) to log in to Siege Network since I saw this note, to no avail. I've managed to find one of my old posts there (currently the final post on page 2 here):

so I know what my username was, but the site tells me that the username is incorrect when I try to sign in. I've tried a variety of passwords that I used in that time period, again to no avail. The site refuses to recognise either username or email address (and it's the right email address, too; I checked to be sure), so I can't get a new password or a reminder of the old one.

When I try to find other posts I made there, nothing shows up in the search (but neither does even the one I finally found, for that matter, so I'm not sure what that means).

So, SJR or somebody else from Siege Network, can I get some help, please?

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The issue is not the password it is the username. I went in to reset the password to something simple so I could give you that and then you could login and change it. The problem is that the change of the forum setup the ' in your name makes it impossible to do anything on the account. Anytime I try to make a change it just says "The username contains forbidden characters." I can think of one work around. I can change your username to something else, perhaps the same one you have here on this site.

The password you had may still be good so I can either leave it alone or change that as well when changing the name. Probably better to just send me a pm with what you want to do.