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BW content in SIege Editor 2

I just tried to launch Siege Editor 2 pointing at an untanked set of BW content and it crashed because the skrit in BW uses functions that were added to the engine for BW, and SE2 doesn't have them.

I want to use some of the burned forest stuff from the second chapter of BW, and I don't think it would be too hard to untank the Terrain (and NNK) as extra content into a DS2 folder, but there are landscape items that I'd also need from Objects, and they'd need their templates out of Logic, which would (potentially) call for skrit that won't compile in DS2. There doesn't appear to be any easy way to filter out what will work, just trial and error.

Has anyone else managed to use BW content in their mapping?

As far as i have experienced, you are (sadly) right...

Generally nodes and textures can be imported quite easily, but the micro/deco objects... - i made once a partially tuned BW-logic tank (rules and most AI stuff remove) but it still took about 5 minutes to click away all these warning and error messages SE2 produced when opening a BW region. Sad

So i gave it up, for my BW related modding intenstions it was much easier/faster to make a little 'spy mod' giving me the essential information about a deco object so i could copy its template and textures manually:

But only for occasional object import this mod can help a bit. It's really just an auxiliary tool, absolutely not made for playing, however if interested nevertheless i could upload this mod.

I have a reasonable hack working now. There remains the issue of there not being a BWMOD.exe to test any content that is intended to run with the BW version of the engine, but I can restrict myself to DS2 level, and still do everything I want. The only hassle is copying the saved map over to another folder to run DS2MOD from it, and then finding that I've referenced a resource that didn't exist and having to go back and find that and copy it to the bits folder.

So far I have depopulated the burnt forest (two regions) and have scorched one of the corrupt forest regions to match it (having to do a LNC rebuild after replacing nodes using a text editor), and have butchered the elf town but not yet burnt it, which will mean a lot of textures getting edited in the GIMP to add more black. Just changing the texture set makes a big difference to a region, but it appears that DS2 wasn't as generous as DS1 in using the same generic nodes with multiple textures. There are many more uniques in the later stuff.