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Something old and exciting

Marcus Al’Ruen, Scribe of King Rathmor wrote:
Where does one simply begin to explain the vast history of our lands, of Aranna? Never
before has the history of Aranna been told, never has its great story been heard in its
entirety. Wars were waged, kingdoms fell, and the world was broken. Every event that
leads to where I sit today, every battle, every invasion, every hero, all happened as a
result of a previous occurrence. Discovering the history of Aranna cannot be possible
simply by hearing the story from the mouth alone of the Humans, or the Elves, or the
Dwarves. No, each race differs in their legends and has their own deep traditions. To
find the fact behind the legends requires traversing the great land of Aranna.

Go here to find out what this is all about! :dance1:

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Looks like some good reading material. Good work Lone Knight. :thumbup: ^^

Yup, haven't read it all but so far it looks very good. Great work Lone Knight!

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(Even though I haven't read it yet...)

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Thanks for the interest. I started work on this project in the summer of 2007, and worked on it in spurts since then. As Sol already said, it's only based on material covered by GPG, so it includes nothing about mods, no matter how cool or good some mods are. Collecting information on this was quite hard, as I gathered information from NPC's, quests, lorebooks, manual books, and other gameplay information. I even bought a PSP just so I could play Throne of Agony!

The actual history is 38 pages long, Sol just added a lot of spacing to it to make it 47 pages. Smile In any case, it was a lot of hard work, so I hope it is enjoyed. It covers all of the games, from the beginning to the end, from the point of view of a scholar in Aranna. If some points don't make sense, it's because I wrote it in chronological order. I may explain something's origins, then explain how it turns up when the proper time comes in relation to everything else. Have fun reading!

The actual history is 38 pages long, Sol just added a lot of spacing to it to make it 47 pages.

Hehe.. my intention was to add some formating but OO Writer messed it up a bit, and also made it twice as big in filesize... The doc is fixed now and is 40 pages long. Yeah I know I'm a screw-up. ^^

I really appreciate that you dug through all the canon sources. This document will be great inspiration for new maps. Not saying they will be produced though, but who know. Smile