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U6 Project Interview

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There is a nice interview at RPGwatch with Jesse 'Zephyr' Strachman the co-lead producer of the U6 Project.

Jesse Strachman wrote:
From my point of view, the coolest thing is that we've done so much with the Dungeon Siege engine that everyone thought was impossible. However, if you want to talk about the single coolest feature, I'd have to say the conversation engine. When I first designed it, it was really simple, but Frilly Wumpus and WyrdWeb have really taken it and run with it, making it truly dynamic and customizable. It's far more complex than I can even comprehend right now. Frilly Wumpus designed this really nifty usecode feature that allows you to customize things very efficiently, and this will allow modders of Project Britannia a lot of freedom in the future for additional remakes.

U6 Project Interview

Check it out.