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I am trying to adapt the fire extinguisher from the Halloween map over to a DS2/BW context. I noticed that there are templates for the miniguns from DS1, and they have been modified to replace a "minigun_magic" skrit with a "weapon_minigun" one, so there was apparently some development done by GPG. But there don't appear to be any miniguns in either DS2 or BW, and the fs7 animations are all changed (moving the left hand from a side handle to underneath the stock) so the minigun models would fit the animations any more.

Has anyone here tried to use these in DS2 or BW? I just don't want to duplicate any existing effort, especially if there's a huge show-stopper down the road.

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I seem to remember "guru" porting over the DS1 guns when DS2 just came out, but never tried out the mods myself (to know how well it was done)... and I doubt there are any sites hosting the mod(s) now anyways. Stare

Did some searching and found a lot of his stuff still available at Cheat Happens. (Most of his mods were extreme cheat mods)

The mods at Cheat Happens don't include miniguns for DS2, and the best hit was to the Forge, where there was an announcement of 75% success with a broken link onward.

It looks like GPG stopped part way through the conversion, as the skrit has the old engine functions replaced by the new ones, but the parameters aren't updated to match. For the main effect (e.g the flamethrower's flame, which is the default) the parameters are built, but never passed! The 75% above may have referred to Guru's assessment of how far GPG had gone, rather than an estimate of his own progress.

The issue of the animation changes is moot for my needs, as I'm changing the animation to a specific one for the fire extinguisher, and not using fs7 for any other "weapons", so I just(!) need to finish off the skrit changes to get the effect working. I think it just needs a call to BindEffectParameters added, once I find a good example to explain that one.

The one thing I do have working is a combination of invisible target with a flame emitter, so that I can get a fire to go out when the extinguisher is used on it. By making the target immune to attacks other than ice (in this case the FE is the only source of such attacks) I can avoid the hero punching out fires, or shooting arrows, or whatever.

Once I'm done I'll write it all up on my web site.

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Looks like we all should take a look at the download section here a bit more often...

And I was the one who uploaded it. D'OH.