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Mods for both DS2 AND BW

I'm trying to put together a new Succubus Queen mod for DS2 and BW but it has to contain a number of files that are different between the two. BW adds dwarves, changes the character camera parameters, and so I have about half a dozen files that need to change between them. All the rest will be the same.

So would it be better to create two complete ds2res files, or a DS2 version with a BW add-on? Or do I just assume that anyone playing the game these days has BW and can play either game with the BW engine?

Details (nudity with ornaments) on my site and download too (follow the downloads link on that page).

I would make two versions. There are still people who are just now getting LOA. Games move slower overseas in some regions.

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If the file size is large, then people on slower connections might appreciate the base + upgrade option, but if size isn't a problem then two separate mods might be more user friendly.

The size of a base and a delta would be about the same as the combined one. If you have BW, you'd only need that version, as you can play both games under BW. I'm leaning to towards two separate downloads, with a note on the page that if you have BW, you don't need to download the DS2-only version.

I'm still finding bugs in my testing, so it will be a little longer before I release her.

considering dungeon siege 2 and Broken World both have their own for example config/multiplayer.gas file i would suggest making one for each of the 2 games. and since not all have broken world yet, the unlucky few who dont can benefit by get a dungeonsiege 2 version. For the files that are same for ds2 and brokenworld they can probably best be in a one ds2res and the different files in their own file(s) another consideration is to make one compatible with Elys Succubus Mod as well as for one with girl armor as they change same files in config and other places.

The pics are hot! i think i like her nude better than clothed! Tongue

also i have a question did ya ever consider using the Harpy wings instead of the Drake wings on the SuccubusQueen?

Harpy Wings could work now, but she was created for DS1, and only Drake wings were available then for stealing. Now she's the same through the whole series and it would not be right to change her now.

I keep finding small bugs to fix. An item that's missing a transparency, an animation missing events, etc. And I'm having real problems getting hold of Watcher armor to test that on her. It appears it's only available in BW, and I can't find out how to use DS2MOD to set her as having completed DS2 so she can move on. Without a BWMOD, I have to keep copying files between a DS2MOD set and a BW set to check things out (and take screenies) with the BW content.

:idea: When I need to test items, I just make a small tester mod and place the item into Drevin's inventory. Don't save the game and your data does not get corrupted.

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my_test_world should load into BW just fine (except for entering vet. / elite). If you just want to get a hold of some BW only items, modify one of the drop macros or vendor's wares, then tank it up, and play with the BW exe.

But then I'd want to do it properly and upgrade my_test_world fully for BW and add all the new content. I have enough projects going already!

But don't let it stop you. After all, it's really sharkull's_test_world.

an idea for testing your mod, course ya probably already knew this, since ya already got your main succubus queen character, add another race entry duping the succubus queen call it succubus queen test in multiplayer.gas and race_descriptions.gas then add a dupicate to actors and add the templates to her backpack, then ya can have all the stuff to test. example code for actor follows -

es_feet = amr_bot_sq;
es_head = amr_hlm_sq;
es_forearms = amr_glv_sq;
es_weapon_hand = sd_1h_sq1;
es_shield_hand = sd_1h_sq2;
es_spellbook = book_glb_magic_sq;
il_spell_3 = spell_sq1;
il_spell_2 = spell_sq2;
il_main = amr_hlm_sq2;
il_main = amr_glv_sq3; //keep adding il_main till ya get all the items ya can to fill the screen

tank your files into ds2res format and load bw with the test succubus and all is good to go

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ghastley wrote:
But then I'd want to do it properly and upgrade my_test_world fully for BW and add all the new content. I have enough projects going already!

But don't let it stop you. After all, it's really sharkull's_test_world.

I named it my_test_world so that everyone could customize it for their own use... Wink

As for updating it for BW, I would have long ago if I could have figured out a way to get into vet / elite using it. Stare Without such capability I would consider any update to be incomplete, so why bother?

The one bug I must get rid of is a repeating "die" animation. She bounces back up and falls over again until healed back to consciousness (or the rest of the party dies).

At first, I suspected a corrupt events block, as that particular animation had an empty block (no events) instead of no block at all, but after a bit of shuffling in gmax (merging the animation onto a fresh copy of the mesh and saving the result over the existing animation) I was able to get it into the same state as the working ones. No change in the result, however.

I suppose I need to delve into job_die.skrit and figure out if there's any reason why this specific animation would be a problem, but has anyone else seen a similar symptom that might give me a clue?

The chore_die calls on the select_transition.skrit but I can't see anything there that might be the problem. You might see something I don't though.

Edit: Or there might be a problem with looping in the actual animation itself.

The reason it wouldn't respond to my fixing it was that I was retanking the DS2 version and then running the BW one, where I hadn't made the change!

It really was the corrupt event block I'd suspected in the first place.

Now she's working, I just need to make sure I tanked everything in the right place for DS2 and I should be able to release this weekend.

(Edit on April 26th) She's ready for download. See my blog entry at the Forge for what happened along the way (nudity warning).
Note that the Forge is no longer there. Use the corrected link in the opening post for current page.