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DS3 announced!

More or less at least... In an interview (google translation) with Chris Taylor revealed that DS3 will borrow some aspects from Space Siege as a story that centers around the hero, and also no party. Is this a step in the right direction? I'm thinking about works like Lands of Hyperborea and Mageworld where Xaa put more emphasis on the hero. Seems like that worked out really well judging from the popularity of those TCs. What do you think?

ps. Thanks for the heads up, Firebat. ^^

Personally I think it will work really good even though I like having a party of 3. But if the hero can have a tag-along companion like in Space Siege and maybe a summon then that is all I need. Well that and excellent modding tools. Smile

Here's an english article from on the subject. More will apparently be revealed from the interview with Chris Taylor soon.

That is the most exciting bit of news I've heard in ages..
- I won't sleep tonight.. :woot:

Come on with your bad self, DS3! :dance3:

That sounds good, other than the part about no mp action. I mostly played ds in mp though as one player only.

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Sounds like they're going to try and put the "R" back into the RPG aspects of the game. Smile It's hard to get into a role when controlling a bunch of puppets... I seem to remember suggesting in the GPG forums that a hero focused interface would be a good idea (with any party members controlled by individually customizable AI). If they kill the whole party concept all together then that might work (if done properly). It does make me think that they may be doing it in order to cut down on the CPU power needed to run party AI... Oh well, I guess well find out more soon enough. Smile

My biggest 2 questions: are they still using the same Siege engine, and will they do a better job supporing the mod community this time around?

sjr, he mentions no multi-character parties, not a lack of MP... unless I missed something. The article refers to SS being SP only, but there are supposed to be MP features (according to the official site), so I don't know where that comment comes from.

hate to be the harbinger of bad news but this link says otherwise

Chris Taylor squashed rumors about Dungeon Siege 3 being in the works. Evidently, the published translation of the recent interview at was taken out of context.

"When asked if we were considering taking lessons learned from Space Siege back into the Dungeon Siege series, the answer was, yes," he explains. Due to multi-character parties in the pervious two Dungeon Siege games, players weren't able to focus on a central character; thus a decision was made to focus on fewer characters in Space Siege. In that sense, when talking about a potential Dungeon Siege 3, Taylor was speaking hypothetically.

"We have not made any official announcements, or have any official plans [for a new Dungeon Siege], but we are kicking ideas around," he says. "It would be a long time before another DS game was finished and saw the light of day."


anyways a dungeon siege with just one main character and no mercs to help just wouldnt be dungeon siege to me, the original had 8 and the sequel had 6 party members a dungeon siege gone solo would be to Oblivionish to me Tongue If Chris should decide to go solo i hope he renames the series stop it at 2 Chris! I just cant see a hero by themselves taking on 4 enemies at same time, reality is demon sneeks up from behind and then your dead, even though the idea of a single character sounds great, in reality it takes a team to adventure. Armies are many. No (wo)mans an island or a Rambo for that matter.

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Sad news indeed... unless he was just backtracking to keep the heat off their development team. The timing was suspect though, with Space Siege not even out yet. It seemed too early for an annoucement...

And I think one character parties would be more like Diablo/D2 than Oblivion (which is really a first-person game, with a third person toggle for the eye-candy factor). The realism factor doesn't bother me though... I mean you are yielding powerful magic, and it is a game.

Very sad. I really want there to be a DS3. Smile
I hope he was just backtracking like you said Sharkull.

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Well I've always preferred party management verses a single hero with one or two sidekicks. Granted really did like what they did with pets in D2, but for me that flawless party management system was totally torn out of the game. I like managing various kinds of characters, equipping them differently, utilizing them in different tactical ways to successfully defeat enemies or solve problems. I'm a bit of a God mode freak when it comes to this type of game. Solo heroes are great if that's what you like, but I thought it was cool how you could choose. Either create a solo character that would become powerful enough in 1 or two skills to progress through the game or pick a party that supports each others weaknesses.

I want the word "siege" to be more than a metaphor for grinding through dungeons. I want it to feel like an perilous adventure that involved my skilled and versatile group of heroes.

Until then I'll just be waiting patiently for someone to make this kind of game again.