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It's my old pal Sugelfisk!!! How are ya? Laughing out loud

Oh I am doing just fine. How about yourself? Smile

What the!?


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hi ^^


This must be a Rullstensgatan 13 moment...

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a what kind of moment? 8O 8O

...or a QUERKAFLEEG, someone call Fat Freddy, quick!!

spam, spam, spam, spam - spam ... wonderful spam!!

(Sorry, er ..I just got carried away!) :oops:


sol77 wrote:

YES! The Die Spam smiley is back! :diespam: :lightning: I cast Lightning on him, and deep fry Mr. Spammy to Mr. Fried Spammy! :P(Couldn't think of something else)m

I'll have spam spam spam eggs and spam.. Cool

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Mmmmmmm... spammmmmm...

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tjubbie? what the...

I have canned spam in the kitchen
Two spam animals in the barn.
I am confused, I know spam does not taste as good as a honey cured ham.
I never have spam on my computer, cookie crumbs, soda stains, a box of crackers, an a pencil for taking notes but oh no what were we talking about I forgot.

Help me.... the floor of the internet is re-adjusting its holes again.

Poof goes the e
down the drain.

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............well this is random 8O

Templarian Arch Sorcerer wrote:
............well this is random 8O

I think on purpose, or, to be more random, "porpoise" :woot:

Templarian Arch Sorcerer's picture

someone should rename this thread to the "mighty tower of spam" Laughing out loud

How does this work?

MMmmmm, SPAM. You gots to love it. Smile

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Best backpacking food in the World! But dont let it sit in the sun for a hour like I did. Laughing out loud

Oooh, that must have tasted nice. Smile

sol77 wrote:
Oooh, that must have tasted nice. Smile

I can only imagine Wink Laughing out loud
Shadow , it must have looked nasty and smelled worse!