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Demigod Beta announced

Sharkull's picture

GPG Newsletter wrote:
Gas Powered Games and Stardock are happy to announce the limited beta
test of Demigod. If you pre-order Demigod from Stardock's Impulse
digital download platform, you can start testing the exclusive beta
right now.

To pre-order Demigod, simply follow this link:

This is a limited time offer. Signups for this cycle of the beta test
close on Friday, September 19th, though the beta itself is ongoing.
If you miss the beta this time, check the official Demigod website to
find out when the next cycle begins. While you're there, please join
our growing community of enthusiasts and testers.

Set in an awesome future-fantasy world, Demigod is a mix of real-time
strategy, tactics, and role-playing. There's an opening in the
pantheon of the gods, and players pick a Demigod to wage war against
others who are also trying to ascend to true godhood. Each Demigod
goes into battle with its own set of unique abilities and powers, and
players "level up" to unlock even more.

For additional information on Demigod, check out its official site:

Thanks for this info, i totally missed it since i rather ignored Demigod so far.
At first sight that game looks quite attractive. But what if the same persons working on it as for DS2 or SS did? - They have talent to keep a game idea below its real potential...

Also it's an odd deal to make interested gamers pre-order a game in exchange for their beta testing work... Shock

At least for me all the recent beta tests i have participated were rather unsatisfying, and if you admit in the forums that you were beta tester then you risk being blamed as blind idiot.
Indeed you partially are one (however form another perspective) posting game-stopping bugs while bothering around with an incomplete game, but when you also afford to post a creative idea to improve the gameplay they learn you that they haven'y scheduled any capacity to implement such things - as small as your proposal may be... Sad