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Error message

Deprecated function: The each() function is deprecated. This message will be suppressed on further calls in remember_me_form_alter() (line 78 of /var/www/

Database problems

For some reason the database server went offline and the site was unavailable, well except for this and the drupal error page before I got rid of that one. I suspect the gremals.. It seems like everything is working again though. I took the opportunity to do a database repair as well so maybe things will even be better now. ^^

sol77 wrote:
I suspect the gremals..

At least it wasn't the (killer) gremals. :P Wink

It almost sounds like gremlins so I figured it would be them. ^^

Sharkull's picture

Perhaps it was the Goblin Inventor playing with things he shouldn't... :P

... They're back!

I got an "exceeded CPU quota" display, which suggests a application loop bug somewhere. Unfortunately I don't recall what I was trying to access at the time.