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BW mod problem

I have a mod in progress for BW, but I have a growing problem that I need to solve before it gets too complex.

The absence of a BWMOD.exe means that I've had to copy a whole lot of BW standard content into my Bits folder in order to run the mod under DS2MOD.exe, effectively treating the BW material as a user-mod for DS2. But soon I will need to separate the unaltered BW content from the new content so that I can package the mod for beta-testing. Any ideas on how to separate the bits and still be able to test?

I think I can create two folders of bits and specify both in the startup for DS2MOD, but that leaves me with the challenge of dividing the GPG material from my own.

Idk any way to separate the bits, may have to clear the folder and re-tank everything. Sad

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About the only thing I can think of is to try and find a file utility that could compare your modded version of the BW content, with an unmodified version of the files, in order to give you a list of differences (for manual separation).

Thinking about it more, just look at the file modified date, because all the originals will be much older than your mod work.

Right now I'm leaving the BW content in place, as I can't get the map to run at all with the BW executable, so I'm working with the regular DS2. It shows up as a selectable map, but it won't load once you hit the Merc/Vet/Elite screen.

I've hit a problem with my repairable bridge, however. It seems that they can repair it - the fixed bridge node enables in place of the broken one, but the party can't cross it afterwards. any party member can walk hafway across, but not past the midpoint. There must be an extra function call that I'm missing to make it fully functional - I'll have to reveiew the Aman'lu one again.

Edit: It's due to the path not being stitched all the way through - I'll have to edit the abutment nodes to provide secondary doors for the "broken" bridge instead of stitching each bridge at one end only. Just more delays...

Another edit: It's not that either - there's an apparent failure of CheckActionCollision() at the middle
of the bridge - but there's no object there and the floor is continuous. Wierd!

Well of course it really was a floor problem after all. There was a thin triangle of bridge deck that got dropped somehow when I edited the node to change tthe doors. The bridge is now passable! :dance1:

Sharkull and Pheonix, you have PM's, so you can see the results.