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Disappearing objects

I'm creating a NIS that involves sawing through a log, but when the camera gets close to it, the log disappears. I've tried adjusting the transparency, turning "blocks camera" on and off, and just about any other setting on the log object that looked possible, but it looks like I need to keep the camera well back during the whole action.

Note that this is a templated blocking object, not a node, so camera fade triggers etc. do not apply.

Does anyone know how the engine determines what to render?

Sharkull's picture

I can only think of two things to check.

1. There may be some feature of the model that determines this auto-fading property, because (IIRC) some tree nodes have bases that don't fade but their trunks do...

2. Perhaps it's a texture thing (texturedetail, mipmaps...).

Of course there is a limit to how close you can get to anything before it isn't rendered... like if you override the min zoom distance, your character (who should never fade) starts to have holes in them.