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telephone poll

poll description: 
How many times in the last month did you use a land line (you know a wired phone)
Do not have one
50% (3 votes)
33% (2 votes)
could not find a quarter to start it
0% (0 votes)
I squished my blackberry when I tried to pick it from the vine
17% (1 vote)
Total votes: 6


Sharkull's picture

I use a land line for phone calls all the time. The sound quality on my cell just doesn't compare. My internet is DSL so I even use the same "line" for 'Net access.

/me goes off looking for a piece of Blackberry pie, hoping the Coyotes haven't skated off with it all. :silly:

If I used a phone I'd have to be able to talk coherently, and I'm not even sure I can spell that!

Sharkull's picture

ghastley wrote:
...I'm not even sure I can spell that!

Looks correct to me:
Laughing out loud


Isn't that what the rich folks use? Smile

Ain't that what them thar rich folks uses? 'Specially the one next to the cee-ment pond!

- pole, what pole..?? :woot: