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- does DS2 work OK in Windows7 RC?

I had a go at loading it up, but there appeared to be a conflict with Elys' interface..
looks as though the screen resolutions don't function properly - I may be completely wrong of course hasn't really reached the Blue Havens yet..

- we still use palantirs round here.. :woot:

- anyone else tried this out, yet?

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Hmm. I haven't tried Win7 yet, but perhaps Elys' msi installer wasn't able to complete it's job in the different operating system (so the dll's aren't registered properly)? I'd try installing it using administrator privileges (which I assume still applies in Win7... right-click, run as administrator...) or turn off UAC (a major pain in Vista).

- DS1 and DS2 are listed in MS TechNet as having problems in W7..
- Elys' DS2 mod uses the OS to install, I think - maybe that's where the problem is..

- I hope they sort it out - I can't go without DS1 for very long..
- I was well into Hyperborea when I changed OS's
- oh my.. :nervous:

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Partition your system and make a dual boot with an older operating system for games...

I did that with the HD3850 on XP - I ran W7 BETA on a 50G partition some time ago..
it was absolutely brilliant, BTW
I didn't do any serious testing 'cos there were still driver issues..

- but drive partitions and me don't get on - way too fiddly
- even with EasyBCD, I was never really confident that the dual-boot would remain stable..
- anyway, that old rig has now been passed on to elfling..
- she's thrilled to bits with the new SIMS-3 game, and making vids for YouTube..
- crazy goblin technology, if you ask me..!!

- no, I'm hanging on for release the final version of W7 (- in October, I believe..)
- then I'll upgrade and pester the Dark Lords over at Castle Macrosift until they fix things..

- one for all, and all for Aranna..!! :woot:

PS:- the new rig's an absolute monster!!

Blondin, have you seen anything about problems with SE2 running on Vista and win7?
Thinking about installing win7 but DS is less fun to me without the editor.

not seen anything specifically relating to the Siege Editor
- but the impression I get is that checksums are the problem..
- which is why I think Elys' mod might need a tweak - it dealt with all of the "modded-game" glitches in XP/Vista..
- perhaps the checker has been modified - Administrator privileges don't seem to make any difference, either..
- I've also seen on the forums that the problems vary according to which release of the W7RC you're running (mine's v.7100)

- Neverwinter Nights2 is also on the not-compatible list
- I haven't managed to get Silverfall installed yet, either - it hangs..

- fingers crossed..!! :woot:

I have not tried installing/running any DS in 7 yet but for Vista ever since sp1 I have had to use a no cd crack in order to get the game to run at all. Perhaps this is the same issue for 7?

this is the error message I get for DS1

I installed as administrator and ran in XP-SP2(and SP3)compatibility mode

- no joy, I'm afraid..

The only thing I found was from someone (Thuggy wuggy!) who said it went away when he was NOT administrator.

that would relate to a C++ module error, then..

I updated to the latest redist and tried again in Administrator mode..

- actually managed to get the DS1 suite started, but then it failed with numerous graphics glitches..

- never mind, the search continues..

- cheers, ghastley!! :woot:

Hurray, managed to get both DS2 and DS2BW up and running via W7 RC (Build 7260)

- now to test out Elys' AllSaves mod..


- hmmm, now I get a problem - this is the error report:

- could it be that the .msi loader's not compatible..
- wonder if pasting the missing .dll into the Windows7 System32 file would do it..??

- it's a puzzle.. :woot:

You might want to check that the "Start in" folder on the shortcut is the one that has the dll in it. Usually the launcher and the dll are in the same folder, so if you double-click the launcher, it should find it, but using a shortcut may point the wrong way.

I may have been a little hasty, the DS2 game ran fine (via the normal start-up)
everything went OK up to the point where my CHR first heads for the outpost (re. the sharpening stones..)

..on the way, I tried to recruit Deru and suddenly the game stopped, froze - and I got an exception error..

- this is indeed a tricky one..!!

PS: I think the succubus dll is part of Elys' loader
- perhaps the fact that the games saves now appear in a personal folder, rather than the normal My Documents file is the problem..??
- as you suggest, the shortcut may not be pointing in the right direction..

does this screeny help at all..??

- it may be the way that W7's security features interact with the two programs
- perhaps it doesn't like Elys' mod because it can't grant it clearance to the .msi..
- if that's the case, then there ought to be a way of ensuring that it has authority to operate as a secondary/intermediate client

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Perhaps the dll isn't being registered properly... you can do it manually (at a command prompt or the run menu):

regsvr32 [path & filename of dll]

I'm playing DS2 OK at the moment - shame that I can't get Elys' amazing AllSaves to work, though..
- it really does open the game out..

- not to worry, at least I can play my all-time fave game..!! :woot:

- no joy with DS1, as yet - still hunting for clues on that one..

- desperately missing Hyperborea and Mageworld..

Tech Net is saying DS1 is compatible - no action required.

What symptom do you get when you try it?

cheers, ghastley - I spotted that as well - it's odd..

I'm still getting that ATLCOM error message, followed by a request for the CD to be inserted..
this applies to both the original DS1.exe start and also the DSLOA.exe as well..

- unless there's a trick I'm missing, it simply will not initiate startup
- a standard MS error message pops up, stating that the game is incompatible with W7
- this includes a request to contact GPG for a solution..

- current system details:
ANTEC 900+ case
FoxConn Bloodrage X58 mobo
Intel i7 965 (8xCPU's @ 3.2GHz)
2x60Gig SSD's in RAID 0 plus 1x1TB SATA HD
6Gig(3x2048MB)Corsair Dominator DDR3 RAM
2xATI4890(1024MB) in crossfire mode
Samsung SyncMaster 932MW at 1440x900 res

- currently running Windows7(build 7260) in 32-bit,
- will go 64-bit in October on final release of OS, via MS

- stacks of power, but still no joy..!!

- beginning to think that sjr's suggestion of a no-CD crack may be the only way
- personally, I'm very wary of those hacks..

sjr's note about having to use a no-cd crack for Vista makes me think the problem is in the DRMS. I believe that DS1 used a different method than DS2 (SafeDisk?) and that may be the bit that breaks under W7. I've used Daemon tools to run DS1 on a machine that had no optical drive but that was under Windows 2000 Server! I'm not sure if they have W7 support yet.

Hurray, Elys' DS2AllSaves works in W7

silly me - I hadn't updated the game to v2.2 via the GPG patch..!!

- this is a screenie of DS2 at 1440x900, using Elys' AllSaves and Omicron's No-Rings mods

- absolutely amazing!!
- I'm so chuffed at getting this game up and running again, it's still unique amid the genre of adventure games - fabulous stuff!!
- now all I need is the secret to getting DS/DSLOA running, and then I can get Hyperborea, Mageworld and Abstraction back again..

- yippee!! :woot:

I have not Windows 7 Sins installed so I can't test it out but anyway the 'ElysDS2uccubus.dll is missing' message just meant the DS2 Succubus Manager does not find the dll in its current folder.

The MSI installer does nothing but extract all the files on your HD and create shortcuts. There is nothing such as registring DLL or whatever.

If you have a working Windows XP installation with DS2 Succubus Manager, you can just copy paste the "\Elys DS2 Succubus Manager" installed folder to your Windows 7 PC, and create shorcuts manually copying the properties making sure you update each setting so they match the folder pathes on Windows 7.

Then if it does not work, I can't tell why since I cannot test it myself.

I made a new version but I can't test in on Windows 7, so it would be nice if you can tell me if it solves the problem.

thank you, Elys - you are most gracious.. :woot:

your new version worked immediately..
I am currently running it and DS2 under Windows7 with XP(SP2)compatibility settings..
- pic of W7's rather clever compatibility wizard, below:

- I haven't yet tried to load the Succubus Modlet via the UI, I left it's box un-ticked..
- is the Modlet included with Manager ver.3(RC), or should it be installed separately..??

It's included.

Thanks for the test, I'm gonna post this version on forums ^^

I'm at the Cliffs Of Azunai - Windstone Fortress beckons..

- ever onward!!:woot:

- many thanks to all for support and advice..

Hey, can someone send me a copy of there DS1 objects.dsres, because mine got CORRUPTED somehow and when every anything drops that armr, or its in a shop i get an excception. please email me the objects.dsres to me @ ! thanks!

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It's a 300MB file, so I doubt that anyone will e-mail it to you. Plus, asking for resource files is something that commonly comes from people who have downloaded the game instead of buying it, and we don't encourage that at all.

If you believe the file is corrupted, copy it directly from the original CD. Can you open the file with TankViewer? (If yes, the problem likely lies elsewhere).

Dungeon Siege 1 and Legends of Aranna
I did NOT have to downgrade my DirectX 11 for DS1 to work.

For those of you still having issues with Windows 7 x64 compatibility. And see the following error:

ATLCOMHelper Exception
Error, fatal exception occurred (can this object be used in this manner?), HResult
= -2147319779
In function:

Change your “Compatibility” in properties from Windows XP (Service Pack X) to “Windows Vista”. (I know this sounds retarded, but it works.)

I am using the following for my path and command line:

“E:\Windows 7\Dungeon Siege\DSLOA.exe” nointro=true width=1920 height=1080 fullscreen=true vsync=false maxfps=60 bltonly=true

use bltonly=true if you get blinking or flashing on NVidia cards. (I get this error on an 8800GT)

I hope this helps someone. I was very frustrated with it yesterday.

Thanks for sharing that tip!

Hi Elys, I'm a big fan of you succubus mods for ds2. I recently pulled it out of my drawer and reinstalled it along with your succubus mod. Succubus works great but it seams that any other mods i put in my resource folder wont work.
I realize this was posted quite some time ago but any help from anyone would be awesome.

P.S. I am using v2.2 its a legitimate retail copy and i am extracting my mods into the Resource folder. Operating system is Windows 7 64-bit