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Return to Arhok

Initially in 2009 it just was a seizure of hopless mapping, meanwhile however most
photosensitive modding syndroms are gone ...and Arhok has grown quite well!(?) Wink


Latest release: DS1 Arhok XP map, Beta 5 for DS2 (30.2 MB, ReadMe)

To play this map you will need to download some DS1 resources too
(also save them inside the 'resources' folder of your DS2 installation).

You are showing him having an icon in dialogue window. I can see his icon in dialogue window in my game, too. What I said is that I don't see his icon in trade window, as shown in one of my attached images.

The sparks might not be present because I'm using a mod that severely tones down visual effects in the game, BW_Effects-1a.

@Reinc: Indeed, you are right, there is a talk icon but no shop icon (anymore)... Puzzled

The most evident difference however is that he is holding now a tongue (with horseshoe*), while he should be hammering on a spear-/lance-like item - this indicates that something changed the map or his template.


*: Purist may prefer the horseshoe probably, but since there are no horses (on this map), crafting any weapon in times of war seemed to be a bit more comprehensible!(?)

Sorry, KillerGremal, my bad forgetting this is your work from a while back, not one of the mainstream Legendary Mod maps.

Now I've had a look for myself. In my game too, Lharnob has his talk icon but no shop icon. He is, though, hammering on the spear as you intended. DS2 2.2 launched by Elys-v2 (SeeFar OFF), ArhokXP-Beta5, all Legendary Mod v1.01's resources, MonsterLevelAdjust-Beta5v, and that is all (except that I have tried both without and with Mod-DS1Content-Alpha11f: this makes no difference).

Your Arhok is turned 90 degrees from DS1's (MadDoc's), that is your South Gate is the one I know as the West Gate, while your West Gate is what I was expecting to be North, hence my confusion seeing Reinc's image of the quest log.

Is it just me or is this door really broken. I decided to play Return to Arhok and everything has been going just fine, until I reached this door in the Dungeon of Torture Lower end. This door is just after I killed the person who told me the story or Rak, right near the lower end teleporter.
I am sure someone somewhere has made note of this and a fix might have been suggested but I can not find it.


@bare_elf: If you didn't yet, try to use the new Content Pack Alpha 11g.

Sooner releases may contain a work-around for another door related matter, unfortunately the support for special doors (as there are often in LoA) was not as extensive as intended.
Moreover this is door depends on eliminating a nearby monster, something that generally seems to be a more vulnerable/time-critical situation for DS2 - so I really hope with the quest everything is still OK!?

Thank You KillerGremal the new content pack corrected the problem with the door and I was able to complete that part of the map. I will play on to the end Smile