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Anyone have incite to advanced UI modification, I'm finally going to attempt to implement my various ideas into the DSII/BW engine.

I've seen various post and articles about how easily it is to add item slots but have not found any examples or implementations for reference. Lara seems to be the only sample and it was a repurpose of existing slots. I will require new ones, holding new items.

I'd like to add a number of extras (more rings, more amulets, charms, pentagraphs, more spell books, tiki/voodoo dolls, backpack, bracelets, satchels’, etc)

Any assistance would be welcome.

PS. I've got a number of interface prototype images, to show what I'm tring to implement but I'm getting memory allocation error when tring to attach images.

The issues I had with Lara that led me to just re-assigning slots were that there was no easy way to get control in a script when an item was dropped onto the figure, so that you could update the right slot in the paperdoll display with that item. It appeared that the functions called by the listener layer were all hard-coded in the engine, and only existed for the standard items.

It's easy to create the extra display slots, but the problems arise with the limited set of resource types that you can assign to them. I could not find a way to add "pants" to the game, so I had to re-define amulets to do so. It might have been possible to define pants as body armor (with an extra property to determine which slot it would display in) but that would have meant issues with the game trying to replace one piece with another when you dropped it on the figure, instead of allowing both. That has to be possible for dual wield weapons, but I didn't find the secret for dual wield clothing! If it's down in the engine code it could be out of skrit's reach.

It is possible to allow/disallow a change of item in a slot, and there are samples of code to restrict clothing to male or female characters, or a specific race, but the choice of slot for the item is harder to do.

The character mesh is divided into a number of replaceable sub-meshes, and changing the number may not be possible. Ornaments that do not displace meshes give you a few more options, but they have their own limits. So all Lara's pants are texture changes, rather than mesh ones, which is what is done for the tops.