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Legends of Utrae

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Legends of Utrae v3.2
By Irwin Ryan with creative input by Cyberatog
Extra models by Ghastley, Witness, Omniscient_Colossus, Ikkyo & Snowfox
December 12, 2004
I. Requirements

Dungeon Siege Lengends of Aranna Expansion Pack (version 1.5)

II. Introduction

Legends of Utrae is a modification of the Utraean Peninsula "Stones of Utrae" map for
Dungeon Siege (TM) by Gas Powered Games.

It is playable in both singleplayer and multiplayer and includes many features from the
Legends of Aranna expansion pack by Mad Doc Software (TM) as well as third party additions
from a number of talented mod authors & some original & modified enhancements.

Legends of Utrae v3.0 Features
- Around 350 varieties of monsters to fight with the addition of;
.60 odd species of monsters from the expansion pack added ( over 120 individual types )
.Over 70 new, unused or modified monster varieties
- 80 set items from the expansion pack
- 10 new NIS sequences (Non Interactive Movie Sequences)
- Over 30 new quests neatly arranged into 8 chapters
* See known issues about certain potential problems with the new quests
- 20 recruitable characters (with new custom made portraits) in singleplayer
.Including goblins, elves, dwarves, half-giants, snake women, skeletons & gargoyles
.These can be starting characters too with the included character module
.Now come with personal histories
* See known issues about certain restrictions with the Goblin
- Walking townsfolk (towns are no longer deserted ghost haunts)
- Characters will exhibit traits in singleplayer such as passive healing (just place healing
spells in second active spell slot and characters will automatically use them if they're
not busy), improved vision for the archers and accelerated mana regeneration for mages (this
is necessary as the map is a bit harder than the normal MpWorld)
* Note that these traits don't apply to your starting hero, who'll you be able to use in
normal mp games without problems. You possibly can still use the other characters but
depending on the situation you may lose their traits, their portraits and even the character
models may change
* Note if you use the optional starting module, this must be present at all times & all
players will require it being present in Mp games.
- 8 recruitable pack animals (mules & tragg) in both Sp and Mp
- Some changes to the plot and actual end of game bosses to fight
- Great Northern Forest is now integral to the plot and is a high level area (lvl 50)
- Over 40 lore books added to explain the history of the Peninsula and it's inhabitants
- Full Multiplayer support with some changes in monster populations between map modes to
reflect the fluctuations caused by the arrival of the new species and the hidden secrets
of the ancient Utraeans (ie, you won't be fighting Krug near Elddim all the time in Mp)
*Note that there will be restrictions on this as the map shows up as a mod on servers so
you may find it highlighted in red, if you can find it at all
- Pit of Despair is now inhabited and has ambient lightning
- Eastern Island is now inhabited. Level 50 recommended in Sp/Regular
- Loot dropping in Pit of Despair & Eastern Island reflect their inhabitant's difficulty
- Chests added to Pit of Despair to reward players willing to explore it
(note that to access the better treasure, the Pit's secrets must be solved!)
- All items necessary to access the Chicken Level can now be found in the campaign
(the new storekeepers sell the knife in Mp, the other items must be earned)
- Between 20-30 hours gameplay on Normal Difficulty in the Singleplayer Campaign
- Supports an additional 40-60 hours play in the extended Singleplayer Campaign. Even import
your mp characters into the extended Singleplayer Campaign. Please consult the included
documentation on how to use this feature (the Dungeon Siege Toolkit v1.5 or higher required
for this feature).
- 8 new merchants added that sell rings, amulets and backpacks
- Improved optimizations & custom moods for better performance & visability over the
original MpWorld map
- Fixes some broken monsters in veteran & elite that depend on magic (for some bizarre
reason their templates refer to ranged skills instead of combat magic, so therefore
they are unable to damage the player. Some examples are frostnid spiders & spiked maws)
- An additional mp start point added in close proximity to an important part of the map
- Camera adjusted so visibility is improved (but distance is the same)
- Co-exists with your existing Multiplayer World map and ElysMPWorld
- Most Mods that are already DSLOA compatible should work
- Easily installed
- Will not interfere with Normal Dungeon Siege Games

Legends of Utrae v3.1 Update
- Should guarantee compatibility with all future versions of the Dark_Light_Elf mod
- Better compatibility with mods that alter heroes.gas
- Fixes corpses not showing up on Eastern Island
- Improved included characters starting mod
- Should be fully compatible with version 3.0

Legends of Utrae v3.2 Update
- Fixes an exception error in Fallraen that can appear in Veteran or Elite Modes
.Singleplayer & Regular are uneffected
- Some Grammar fixes (thanks Mark32)
- NIS & Moods improved in extended mode mods, which are now included in distribution package
(the ones from v2.0 were originally included in v3.0/3.1 and so didn't work)
- Should be fully compatible with version 3.0/3.1

III. Included files

-LegendsofUtrae.dsres Main required file 114 MB (120,064,712 bytes)
-Extras Folder
+ Spelite Bonus sp elite mode 494 kb ( 506,617 bytes)
+ Spveteran Bonus sp veteran mode 495 kb ( 507,813 bytes)
+ Loucharacters.dsres Bonus starting characters 23 kb ( 23,677 bytes)
-Docs Folder
+ Extended Mode.txt Readme for bonus mode mods (Spelite & Spveteran)
+ Loucharacters.txt Readme for loucharacters.dsres
+ Readme.txt This file
+ Readme.html Html version of this file
+ Quest.txt List of all quests
+ Set Item Locations.txt List of all set items & general location


and also to Sol77, for getting this download placed here..
it actually took me less than 2 minutes to get the whole file

- smashing..!! :woot:

Is possible play with 8 players from SinglePlayer in Multiplayer?

Sadly no as none of them have been enabled for multiplayer.

I'm not certain that even if they were available, they would be of much use as I don't think you can save them in your game. DS1 was designed that way I believe. Even if they were enabled in the map, you would have to rehire them ever game session.

I may be wrong, in which case I'm sure somebody will respond with a more informative answer.

I had never played Legends of Utrae in Multi Player since it was the single player version of the DS1 Utraean Peninsula. However since I have it installed on all three of my computers (it is my favorite Siegelet) I tried playing it in multi player and this is what I found out.
1. All the additional ambient characters are there, however none of the hireable characters exist in any of the towns.
2. I started a game in single player and hired one of the NPCs that exist in Elddim, but could not import her into a multiplayer game.

There is a work around by using the following summon Spells - SNPC_LoA.dsres and ULSummonsPlus.dsres then do the following.

Create a folder for working on Expansion.dsres and SNPC_LoA I call my folder for working on DSLoA mods DSLoA Mods. I normally place this in the root of one of my hard drives but you could place it in your my documents folder. Within the working folder create a sub folders called expansion and SNPC_LoA

Using tank viewer 1 extract expansion.dsres to the Expansion folder you just created then extract SNPC_LoA to its folder.

You will need to modify world\contentdb\templates\regular\actors\good\heroes.gas of expansion.dsres so that the inventory contains the following spells
il_main = spell_summon_ulora; or il_spell_9 = spell_summon_lyssa; or whatever combination you wish to get to 8 character spells.

Using Tank Creator retank Expansion.dsres

Place SNPC_LoA.dsres and ULSummonPlus.dsres into you DS1 resources folder.

Start a single player game of Legends of Utrae 3.2 verify that your character has the spells in inventory or spell book.
Save Game
Start a multi player game of Legends of Utrae 3.2
Import your DSLoA character you just created and you should be able to cast the character summon spells if your nature magic is strong enough.

You will have to recast the characters each time you start a multiplayer session. However once done they will be there no matter what game of multi player you play so long as you use the same character or create a player in single player first and import them.

Best I can do on short notice. I can go into more detail on how to edit the heroes.gas file if necessary.


Although my work around will work you must remember the following.

Multi-player mode is separate from the single-player game. When starting a multiplayer game, you should be aware of a few key differences between the two ways of playing. In single player mode you are allowed up to eight party members at a time - In Multi-player you are only allowed one. The rest of the party is made up of people that you meet and play with online, or over a network. You can summon other characters as I explained however at the end of each session the only characters stats that are saved are from your primary character. You do loose the summoned characters, their skill levels and all the items in their inventory. I believe that one of the reasons that iryan created Legends of Utrae was so the multi-player Utraean Peninsula could be played single player and you would be able to hire 7 additional characters to assist you in your journey through the peninsula. I can really see no reason to play Legends of Utrae in multi player unless you and someone else wish to play together.

Now there is another way if you have eight computers on a local area network. You can install the game and the mods on each of the computers. Host the game on one computer and join the game on the other computers. I have done this with 4 computers when I had that many in the same room. Jumping between different mice, and keyboards to control the various players and watching all on the hosts monitor. Now I did need to label each keyboard and mouse for each character name. I never took the time to figure out if I could control the party from just one computer. I just wanted to see if I could do it.


Looks very nice, but completely pointless because no-one can download the damn thing!!

We are in the process of rebuilding the web site. Therefore as it says on the main page all you have to do is PM me so that I can set you up a link. The link has been restored.


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I've been playing through LoU for the past couple of weeks, and I'm extremely impressed.

My favorite way to Dungeon Siege is with a single character and some pack mules, and I've completed both vanilla adventures along with those same maps Revived, at least once. I didn't want to run through Legends of Utrae without picking up the new characters, but I found my gaming experience still a bit watered down when I had more than one Character fighting, even if the extra was only there for support... This happens I think because I am a pause-aholic and I micromanage my characters whether they need it or not. But I digress...

My single char playthrough of Utrae is, hands down, the most well balanced and challenging Dungeon Sieging I've done since Hyperborea. I've had to shake up my tactics a few dozen times in order to survive and progress. I've died a lot, but those encounters were beatable when I approached them differently. I'm not setting any speed records, I know, but the dynamics of the balancing in LoU is such that progress feels real. It's "easier" than Hyperborea would be to try running it with just your main character, though. You just can't do that on Hard Difficulty in the single player game without excessive running, but that's ok. Utrae is more like everything I loved about Ehb and Arrana, with some very well thought out improvements and killer pacing for a game I naturally slow way down to enjoy.

Some new Tactics include:

"Bear Trapping"-This is used when I know a monster group includes a few "Tank" mobs with Ranged support. I lay a few Acid Glyphs down in front of me, then summon a Cave Bear into the engage range of the group. Bear works best because she has a tendency to come back to me after being summoned, before engaging mobs. The "Tank" mobs follow the Bear into the Acid Glyphs, while I throw her heals, and I win. Smile

Sleepy Gas!-OH awesome! Not only are status effects more effective, some are vital. Sleepy Gas is vital right now because Boars. I'm almost to Fallraen and the only way to progress alone after The Mines has been Sleepy Gas, with a nod to Diminution for that extra nerf bat ability.

Invisibility-AKA The Panic Switch...

There's more, but those have been in high usage recently. What's really exciting is how I've been deceived at times by the difficulty, lulled into complacency and patterned approaches, and then "WHAM!" (earned that exclamation point) I'm in too deep and drowning in my failure to prepare. This is amazingly enjoyable to me, and is so well executed in LoU, well done!

I am wondering if Legends of Utrae is still considered "in dev", because there are some small bugs and immersion breaking moments here and there, but as it stands, LoU is shaping up to be an all time favorite gaming experience for me. Thank you all who work to achieve these dreams, thank you so much!

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So I decided to take a singleplayer spin in Legends of Utrae. It's actually kinda cool! It's probably the first time I've really been interested in the Multiplayer Campaign. I think the fact you can have nonhuman partymembers is also a nice little addition. Humans are just kinda ho-hum in a Fantasy setting nowadays, and it just seems more interesting to travel around with a Gargoyle, an elf, a dwarf, a skeleton, etc.

Speakin' of partymembers, anyone have a lineup of what companion characters are found where? I'm tryin' to find that goblin one. Currently I'm in Quillrabe Canyons, but I haven't found him yet. I'd have assumed he'd be in the Goblin Warrens, but I've either overlooked him, killed him in the chaos, or he's not there.

He is in the Goblin Warrens, but there are others not far away so he is easy to accidentally kill.


BTW: there is a Dwarfgirl mod that lets you play as a female dwarf Tongue

I'm in Grescal now, so I'm assuming I've missed the skeleton companion, where do you find him?

Just wondering where you find the skeleton, I feel like I missed him

Hi Broedy Bessette:

First, welcome to the site. Smile

The skeleton companion is Shamblin, and as far as I recall he is found at the end of the pit of despair. Hopefully another member can be more accurate as to exact location.

Second, the reason you did not see your first post and asked again is because unregistered comments/questions need to be verified by staff before the posts are seen. So that whole verification process has to wait until a staff member logs in. This is to cut down on spam posts.

This is why we encourage people to register with the site. You don't have to, you can still post questions and stuff. However, registering will get your question seen by the community that much faster. And well, our community is pretty cool so there's that.

So, my answer to your question might not be too good, (and also, why I am I rambling on so much?!! It is way too early for me...) :P
but I did publish your question so other folks can hopefully help you more.

Good luck and have fun. Smile

Shamblin is found at the start of "The Pit Of Despair" He should be around where you start the first Maze.