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GPG Garage forums are now closed

Sharkull's picture

A series of these posts have made their way onto each of the Garage's sub-forums:

The GPG Garage forums will be retired March 24, 2010.

Please use the Gaspowered forums (

The content of the Garage forums will not be moved to the Gaspowered forums, but the pages will remain accessible in a read-only state for reference.

Garage Grease Monkey

Considering the sad state of the forums over the last while, I think it is for the best. Too bad things had to come to such a state though...

I trend to say '...finally!' - and 'thank you' too. Of course it's a pity, but at least it seems they cleaned the forum from all that mess before locking it.

It's too bad the community died. GPG just didn't offer the proper support for us.

Hey Wyvante. :wavey:

Long time no see, how's things going on your end of the world?