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Well, color me surprised and turn me into a newt..

Hmm... I haven't found any press releases that confirms it so we might have to hold on tight for a while... but...

Dungeon Siege 3 Announced

Check out he screenshots. Only 4 though. :/

It will be developed by Obsidian in cooperation with GPG.

More links.

Dungeon Siege III Coming To PS3, Xbox 360, And PC Care Of Square Enix

Obsidian does Dungeon Siege 3

So what do you think?


What I really want to know is if it is going to be moddable.
A game only lasts so long if you can't "play around with it".

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Laughing out loud

Though with it being a console game as well I am not sure how moddable it will be. Though DA Origins was a pc/console game and it was more moddable on the pc than one would have thought.

Only one character shown in any of those shots.

DS1 and DS2 were all about a party of several characters, except right at the start of DS1, and the screenshots for those showed a party because it was the normal way of playing. Is this an indication that it will be more like TES, where you play solo by default?

But Sol's right, it's not a contender if you can't mod it. I want screenshots of the editor!

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It is so excited to hear about the release of DS3.
But why Chris Taylor and GPG are only the advisor and inputter of the game? So...what is the exact meaning of this...?

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Good news for sure, but I'm going to reserve further judgment until I know more (the pics look more like concept art vs. screen captures to me). Surely this means the end of the Siege-engine (about time...) so I wonder what the new engine will look like. Load-screens? Modding friendly? Point-and-click to move (vs. WASD)? Character development? Combat?

I do like the way this sounds though:

... Along the way you'll recruit companions and make decisions that shape alliances and affect the ultimate outcome of the story. ...


I also noticed this:

introducing a co-op mode with support for up to four players.

which was a feature of every prior game. Makes me wonder if they played DS1 or DS2 at all?

Nice to hear of course, and the cooperation with Obsidian looks promising, but will there be finally enough air in the small gap next to the omni-present Diablo 3 ? :?

Looks as if the screen shots may be actual game play footage and not concept art.

Dungeon Siege 3 is the first Dungeon Siege game developed in HD. Obsidian Entertainment are on the task.

Since there will be a "group of companions", I'm putting my money on the "point and click" style of movement rather than "w a s d".
Square Enix says to expect a “deep story” only they and Obsidian Entertainment can deliver. This is how the publisher describes it.

Torn asunder, the delicate balance of power between the kingdom of Ehb’s powerful factions has fallen apart. As one of the few remaining members of the disgraced protectors of the land, the 10th Legion, it is up to you to rebuild the once great Legion and stop Ehb from falling into darkness. Joined by a group of unique companions, you will travel through the striking land of Ehb defeating all manner of villains and beasts through a combination of heroic abilities, screen shaking magic and fearsome weapons.

Looking forward to it, but I don't see them making it highly moddable. Not after DSII anyways.

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PhoeniX wrote:
Looks as if the screen shots may be actual game play footage and not concept art.

Maybe we're talking about different pics. The ones on IGN have the character too small (relative to screen size) for what I'd consider playable (in a combat focused game). They give me more of a sense of atmosphere, which is what I believe concept art is really for...


there's a discussion group here:

fingers crossed..!! :woot:

I'd found the same link. Lots of fans of Obsidian games hoping that the Dungeon Siege idea of developing your own character doesn't get in the way of pre-written story. You'd think they'd just read a book.

Little to no mention of the mod community except for a few posts hoping for a toolkit. Nobody there appears to have played the major TC's like Xaa's LoH and Mageworld, or they wouldn't be whining about storylines so much.

Oh, and there's the usual idiot wanting PvP AND mods, so he can cheat.

- managed to get those screenies downloaded at last..

- picture 6 looks intriguing - is that a camera view..??

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6 pictures? I can only find 4... :?

Sharkull wrote:
6 pictures? I can only find 4... :?

==> 4 landscapes + 2 others

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Ah... I see. Thanks. Smile

If you have 10 minutes left and nothing to do else with your life:

Video with Obsidian's CEO Feargus Urquhart philosophizing about fun/super action RPGs and 'jump-in' multiplayer (source).

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Fantastic! I just hope that it works out well... Square Enix sort of "totally" ruined Supreme Commander when they helped produce Supreme Commander 2. All of the unit diversity, as well as most of the factional diversity, careful strategy, etc was completely removed. This, of course, made the game a lot easier to play, but for those who actually enjoy careful planning and playing on the differences of various factions, it totally ruined it.

As for Dungeon Siege III, my main request would be to bring back the diversity in equipment that Dungeon Siege I had, especially in the magic system.

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That's a very interesting video... sounds like it's going to be more RPG like (options that affect the game outcome). Cool.

Also, while 10 days old, I just spotted this (DS3 preview):

Sounds like classes will be set at character creation, and party members will be AI controlled. Meh. I hope "shared inventory" isn't between players... just between characters for a single player.

"For example, the Guardian class can wield either a sword and shield combo, or a large two-handed weapon. "

The implication is that they can't do anything else. No magic, no bow, no...

But it could also mean the system Diablo II had, where you could set up two weapon sets and hot-key between them, so I'm not assuming yet. Although there are other hints in that article that my first impression wasn't wrong.

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I'm hoping that it isn't a restriction, just a lack of bonuses for other things. For example (speculation), you could equip a bow, but it would only be base damage without any extra boosts from skills.

I do wonder if non-mage classes will be able to cast even basic spells though...

Single-player can mean you control a party and therefore have several characters to distribute skills across, or it can mean one character that has to do everything. Baldur's Gate was the former, Oblivion is the latter, and DS1 let you do either, although it was biased to the first. DS2 got a bit more of that bias, and it's looking like DS3 might swing the pendulum hard that way. The co-op mode with AI stand-ins makes me think the plan is to have you play as a party member, but potentially without any real control of the rest of the party!
DS does get a lot of criticism for not being one thing or the other, but that was useful flexibility for mod-makers. You could build a TC to either extreme with the same toolkit.

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IGN interviews DS3 Project Director:

Lots of good information I hadn't seen before, plus a little trailer movie clip.

No PVP... that will upset a few people.

Sounds like the story might centre around some sort of "spiritual corruption"... not sure what to think of that. - has 2 in game screenies of the badies, one almost looks like a murloc, lol

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Cool... very different art style that's for sure. This one has a third screenie:

Feels a bit like Never winter nights to me.. I really liked the art style in DS1 and DS2 so this is getting me a bit worried. Still too early to form an opinion though.

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Everything looks fantastic from a graphical point of view, but don't know what to make of that stiff legged flip in some screenies. Smile

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Beautiful! Speaking of which, what would be the best way to get DSLOA on my netbook, for some nostalgia?