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Dark_Elf's GiantGnome for DS2 or BrokenWorld

Cool slideshow, and the huge woman looks funny, generally. However i'm not sure how her armors finally will look like since already on half-giants the textures are often quite washy.

Luckily your Gnomes won't have that problem, and remembering my short WoW times, Gnomes are quite good spell caster!?
But even playing as (small human) child would be imaginable - less life and walking slower but with higher life regeneration and learning skills faster. Laughing out loud

hehe, gnomes were wow inspire, indeed, i wish i could of put time into art work,... yes gnomes were mostly magic in wow, wow has them as rogues and warriors but a true gnome in d&d for example wouldnt have been a warrior, not sure why wow thinks all classes have to be warriors. shame ds2 didnt have half-giant women, i just wanted the game to have more women choices. dwarves are same way, although in wow the female dwarves arent very pretty lol

as for armor, i originally had the merc armor on the giant lady, but i didnt like the merc armor, actually the giants really dont look good in armor other than what i gave them, but the armor works, the thought of giants wearing armor in game though dont sound to ideal, but seeing as code was always there to make characters larger and smaller, i thought it needed exploited in a mod.