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Can this be done?

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Can a melee/combat mage class be added? and/or a nature/combat mage class? I've always been a fan of DW melee but I confess I have quite a thing for lightning aswell. Can a class, like the fist of stone, be added to support such a build? or lightning/healing ish?

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I believe I may have seen a mod where there were spells with experience splitting for such a class, but getting into a full class with skill tab and powers is much more involved. Not sure if anyone has attempted such a thing, but it might be possible (in theory).

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We did that in the DS1 Abstraction siegelet, with the added Hand skill, with it's listing up on the display showing progress and such. Though as it was a melee like skill there were no spells for it. But if you went fist a cuffs (no weapon equipped) all leveling went to it, with a different split to str, dex, int then any of the other melee, ranged, or mage routes.

Also if you do try the link I am in the extremely slow (as in I keep forgetting and am in no rush) process of changing hosts. If you want a direct link for the siegelet I can post one.

KillerGremal has made a functional .skrit for these classes in his Aranna Legacy Mod. Melee/Combat, Ranged/Nature, and Combat/Nature hybrids that require certain autocast spells like FoS for the xp split.