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Sorry about the downtime

I'm terribly sorry that the site was down. I still don't know what was the cause. But what happened was that the database got emptied. It got filled again and we are back online, and that is what counts I guess.

Let me know if you catch anything strange.

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Not your fault Solly... thanks for the update, and for your efforts in keeping the site up.

Thanks, and you're welcome. ^^

sol77 wrote:

Let me know if you catch anything strange.


Are you implying that the site is now contagious?

What diseases should we be worrying about? Bubonic Mange? Mad Cow Disease? (Wait, I got that one already from sjr)

P.S. Looks like the abstraction site died a bit more permanently

Great to see it's here again! Smile


Haha! Laughing out loud

Too bad about abstraction though...

That made me check the Project Site link on the left for my own. The link is broken, I moved to the address in my sig line a while back.

The site is not exactly dead, I was going to transfer the webhost from one to another (where most of the files were already hosted) but have not gotten around to actually moving stuff and setup. It may be too much hassle to set up again as it was since you the webhost's are not the actual arbitrators of the web domain names, so you have to contact one to release it to the other but first needing to go through the other 3rd party, blah blah blah lot's of run around work for little benefit. On the plus side most of the files/content was already linked through and hosted on the other host so the files are still there, just not linked from anywhere.

Whether or not I ever do more than some window dressing links I am not sure. Frankly since DS3 sucks so bad I think it is safe to say DS is now completely dead.

Have they made any other new update for the site?

johnwainer wrote:
Have they made any other new update for the site?

no not recently