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DS2 expansion is in the works!

The last newsletter for this year contained an interesting fact.

Looking ahead, 2006 will be another exciting year for GPG, as we have many unannounced projects in development. I don't want to spoil all the surprises for 2006, and we'll announce them as soon as we can. Keep an eye on your inbox for more news in the months ahead. Oh, and we'll be announcing the release date for the DS2 Expansion Pack as well.

Pretty sweet! Smile

Might be worth checking the letter out here if you're not a subscriber.

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Hey! You beat me to it. I was going to post this story... Laughing out loud

Hopefully it will be released within a reasonable time period, plus contain a significant amount of changes / upgrades (beyond what modders can do). I'm especially looking forward to another large scale map. Laughing out loud

This is good news. There are so many problems with DS2 as of now but we can live with thease faults for a while if we know that things are going to improve. Let's hope for the best.


Another resource made public by GPG!

I would hope the first expansion would fall in line like Yesterhaven was for DS1. Yesterhaven has proven to be an invaluable resource, which the DS1 community gobbled up and used rather prolifically. If the expansion is something you need to purchase, I will do that this time around. During the DS1 days, I did not purchase any expansion packs, seeing as I had my own massive Essential Super Mod to keep me entertained (and still entertained)!! However, with the advent of DS2, and the absolute change to pretty much everything, we modders do need more public resources to be made available for us to work with.

Great on GPG for letting us know that good things are in store for us loyal fans of the Dungeon Siege line.