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A lost friend

This was posted by firebat over on Herena Forge.

After hearing nothing from him in a long time i got a conformation last week that Charles “Eccentricity” W. is no longer with us.
Charles was a guy that always did things his own way, not everyone liked him because of that but it game him a very special personality.

Most people will remember Eccentricity as the webmaster of siege-mods but I will always remember him as a friend...

Take care bud.

May Eccentricity be in a better place watching over the all modders of the world.

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sorry that was me. :?

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Oh my, what a great shame, Ecc was one of the cornerstones of the DS community, and a real character..

- for a while there Siege-Mods was THE site to go to, he poured his heart into that one..
- I always found him most kind, patient and friendly, a lovely man..
- he was an endless source of ideas, and a real asset to the community.

- he is very sadly missed...

RIP Eccentricity, old friend... Sad

Eccentricity my friend, I hope you find peace in the next world. I will keep you in my heart and mind for all the days of my life. There will always be a signal fire burning on the western tower of the Castle of Tears just in case your soul passes this way again. I will forever be your friend and because if that your spirit will never die as long as this elf draws breath.

Semper fidelis I will remain
Love and peace


Ecc was my friend as well Sad . I was hoping this was not what happened Sad . I should of realized only death could have stopped him.

Thanks for posting Ecc's pic on Herena, Firebat ..

- I've downloaded it and put it in with my game files (- where I know it will be happy!) Laughing out loud