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8/16/24/32 bit and DXT Extended Bitmap Manipulation
Also supports DDS and many other game texture formats

Supports 565, 555-1, 444-4 and DXT (CFS2/FS2002) formats for loading and saving. Now also supports DDS

Images can be passed to any Paint program for editing in 24 bit and then re-imported and saved in any of the 16/24/32 bit formats.

Transparency (Alpha) channel of textures can be viewed and edited separately from the main image

Image Browser - Option to browse for image files with image preview

Filename can be passed on the commandline -
This means that DXTBmp can be used with the Windows "Open with" option or it can be set to be the default program for opening particular file types. It also means that image files can be dragged and dropped onto the program icon or shortcut icon to make DXTBmp open with that image loaded.

Drag and Drop on program window - Files can be dropped onto the open DXTBmp window to load them

Open/Save simplification - A single "Open" option lets you select which type of file to open. All open and save paths are linked so when you save you will be offered the same filename as the last open (with the appropriate extension for the chosen save option).

A "Save" option offers the same file and format as loaded.

Several "Save as" options let you select a different format to save in

nVidia Mipmapping options - Increased options when saving mipmapped images. Different options can be set for mip scaling and mip processing.