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DS2 modding tutorial videos by Marcos

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Marcos over at the GPGarage posted links to some modding tutorial videos he created. Right now there's one for DS2 modding "Basics", one for "3ds Max Basics", and a two part video on creating unique terrain nodes!

The videos can be found here:

Way to go Marcos! Laughing out loud

Note: WinRAR (or another decompression utility that can work with rar files) is needed to view the videos, and Marcos is asking that no direct links to the videos be used... link to the index page if you want to spread the good news.

Hey now there's no excuse not to create 3D stuff. Laughing out loud
Way to go Marcos! :thumbup:

Edit: I think this is frontpage stuff. ^_^

Downloaded and went through the first tutorial.
Good stuff!

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Just watched the first tutorial vid, and it does indeed have some interesting stuff... It has some info on a couple tools I hadn't seen before. Laughing out loud

That rapid search program seemed great. And Textpad has always been great.

lol why does the title of this news post show up as "A lost friend" on the front page of the site? haha.

Because I am a dumb dane/swede who don't go to bed on time. Hence in my drowsiness I overlook such things even though I think that I haven't..

sol77 wrote:
Because I am a dumb dane/swede who don't go to bed on time. Hence in my drowsiness I overlook such things even though I think that I haven't..
It's okay, I forgive you Cool

Thank you. ^_^

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Shocked> did you get my PM?

Yeah, I viewed them - top notch vids.

Hey guys, this is a little late, but I finaly finished the most rigerous semester of my schooling thus far, and can now get back into some DS stuff. The website the videos were hosted on was hacked (nothing major, more of an anoyyance really, and not long after that the credit card that was being used to pay for it with was compromised, so it is kind of in lue as to wether or not I will be able to put them back up. I am however going to to try to get the old ones back up and make some newer ones in the series if at all possiblel. I am also looking at switching to, or doing some as non video tutorials for bandwidth reasons (and the fact that some things really don't need an interactive video for)

Thank's for viewing all, and i'll get back to you guys as I get more news on the situation (the funding thing is out of my hands ATM)

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Sorry to hear about the site / hacker... but I am glad that you haven't given up on modding.

BTW, welcome to SiegeTheDay. Smile

as i suggested to another modder before, if u have trouble distributing/hosting your videos, u can always turn to p2p networks like edonkey and bittorrent to distribute your stuff. hope this suggestion helps.

Poor marcos Sad .

Marcos' video tutorials can now be found here: Video tutorials on modding.
Check them out if you haven't already and don't forget to give him some love.