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DS/Broken World Textures and Anti Aliasing

Hello Smile Can anyone do better textures mod and Anti-Aliasing ? It will be really nice =)

(sorry for my English.I hope you understand)

Hi Voty,
Welcome to siege the day, Your English is just fine and I understand. I am sure someone will be able to help you with finding what you need.


Voty wrote:
Hello Smile Can anyone do better textures mod and Anti-Aliasing ? It will be really nice =)

(sorry for my English.I hope you understand)


Welcome Voty. This is a highly requested feature and I don't know if anyone has tried yet.

Many games have had improved texture mods made for them, such as Duke Nukem 3D, Knights of the Old Rebuplic, Doom 3, Elder Scrolls Morrowind, Quake 2, Dragon Age, Fallout 3, Hexen 2, etc. Many of these are through the original engine but some require a source port or modified engine to support the larger textures required for a high resolution mod.

All of the terrain textures are found in Terrain.ds2res and can be easily extracted and converted to bitmaps for maybe trying to make them more high resolution. However there's over 10,000 files comprising Terrain.ds2res (not counting the gas files) and converting them all would be a massive undertaking. Then if we wanted to convert the objects and actors as well, that would be just as daunting. The file size also would be quite massive as Terrain.ds2res itself is 696Mb.

That's probably why it's never been attempted, if it's even possible at all.

Still it would be interesting if somebody would attempt to convert some textures to see if it's possible. If it's possible then maybe something could be done in modular form, with different artists concentrating on different texture sets (there's about 130 different texture sets in DS2) over a number of years. This is what has been done in some of the big projects like Duke Nukem 3D and Quake 2.

A high resolution DS2 would definitely be something exciting to see!

Antialiasing can often be turned on outside the game in the control panel for the video. Both nVidia and ATI support that.

Theres alot of HD Remakes (MDK2 HD,Serious Sam HD and others...) Dungeon Siege 2 HD awww nerdgasm ;D

Welcome to STD Voty. Smile

Voty wrote:
Hello Smile Can anyone do better textures mod and Anti-Aliasing ? It will be really nice =)

(sorry for my English.I hope you understand)


I decided to see what can be done on this front and have this test pic for you

You can clearly see the difference between old and modified textures.

This is just working in 128 x 128 pixels and merely sharpenining the textures and playing with the contrast. Opinions?

I don't know if you could fit bigger textures in the current engine, I suspect not.

Edit# Another problematic area is that for certain textures, they're actually seem to be imbedded into the terrain sno file and can only be edited by modifying the sno file, which makes things far more complicated. For example the stone textures of the wall of the above picture.

I also forgot that DS2 supports commandline options for higher resolutions

This link shows how to implement the target-line parameters for DS2

Your mileage will vary on the resolutions supported by your video card and monitor. The above picture is taken with 1920 x 1080 screen resolution. One advantage is that the DS2 characters have had free weight reduction programs.

This is probably everybody's best bet for better resolutions and images in DS2.

Thanks iryan.Nice test pic Smile

Yeah and i recommend FOV and CAM Fix from Widescreen gaming Smile

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Hello Voty.

Where are you from?

Ghastley's suggestion is good. Check out this old tutorial on how to do it and combine it with Iryan's suggestion.

Hello sol77.
Czech Republic

Thanks i have ATI gpu but there's some AA options too Wink

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Cool. One of these days I'm gonna visit Prague. Been on my list for years now.

I use ATI as well, but back then I used Nvidia. Try maxing the settings if you haven't already. It's a nice change. Too bad we don't have those HD textures though.

lol really ? where you from ? Laughing out loud

Yes i used Radeon PRO and some Supersampling. Smile but HD textures would be better of course Laughing out loud

EDIT: Another idea what about increase particle density ? is it possible ?