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More modding information coming from GPG?

Sharkull's picture

GPG's heroTop has posted some great news (over at the Garage) about some upcoming documentation to be written...

heroTop wrote:
Hey gang, I've been tasked to answer all of your tuning path / dev_point questions as I am the monster designer for the DS franchise.

Unfortunately this is no small task... :/

So what I'm going to kill two Kurgan with one stone. I have also been asked to make an internal document on the whole process for our spiffy new internal knowledge DB here at GPG. This being the case, when I get that done I will do a forum version for you all.

Sound good? Smile You get all your info and so does the GPG mother brain!

Expect to see it in the next couple weeks. Until then, feel free to post as many monster questions are you like regarding the spawning of critters and I will take those into account when making the process post.


Does anyone have any questions for heroTop? ^_^

Haha, that made this day a lot brighter. Smile

Hey, i posted a thing today as a guest I guess it dosen t show up.. hmm but neways onto the question
How do i make Monsters like Talon or Darkmage fight/do duties, i made some quests with a minimap that i made that include these two actors, and well it would sure make the quest alot more enjoyable if they fought back and not just stood standing their like ""Hey are you attacking me?"
Neways anyhelp would rock :P

The post got split and moved, sorry about the confusion. Smile
You can find it here.

Gah okays :P