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Some good news

I have some good news to report.

Sharkull has released a beta version of his test world for DS2.
You can get it from the frontpages download section.
I would like to remind everyone about his DS2 set items guide under Resources as well.

Also, SvS has started his public beta testing of his Essentials mod for DS2.
Read more about it here.

More downloads are coming.

LoneKnight's picture

Glad to see some progression in the community again.

Hi everyone!

Sharkull, that is good news regarding your release of your map you told me about some time ago. Congratulations. Hopefully, by the end of this week, I will be able to download that map and give it the due it deserves.

As the announcement has stated, I have also released a beta version of Essentials Mod.

The more that download and test and report back regarding my mod and Sharkulls' mod, the faster it becomes a release candidate, and the faster any and all bugs and other minor and major issues can get weaned out of them.

Things should start to pick up in our community!