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DS2 Expansion News

Sharkull's picture

Spotted over at PDS:

So, we all knew there was going to be a Dungeon Siege 2 expansion. Now we know a bit more. This will be one of those "add-on" style expansions, set after the events of the original DS2 game. If DS2 gave you 40 hours of RPG goodness, expect the expansion to give you another 10. Looks for the standard new items, new armor sets, and new monsters. Make sure you look for the news combo classes though: Blood Assassins (Ranged/Combat Magic) and Fist of Stone (Melee/Nature Magic). Potentially the most interesting aspect of the expansion, however, is the new "Brutal" mode, "which features tougher monsters but also rewards players with better loot earlier in the game." This isn't a new difficulty level in the same vein as Veteran and Elite. It simply gives players more of a challenge. Look for more news on this glorious expansion soon!
Thanks CG Magazine.

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Magic/other mixed classes! Laughing out loud but what I really want to know is whether or not it will include the original (in the way the LoA did), so I can decide whether to buy DS2 now, or wait for the expansion.

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Wait....wait...wait. So, it's only an ADD ON, not a new map?!!?!!?!?!?!

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In order to continue the story (as stated) I expect that they'll have to include at least a small map in the expansion (I'm thinking / guessing LOA sized). Whether they'll put in a larger / UP sized map as well remains to be seen.