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Adding random projectile axis error? (To Spells)

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I asked this over on GPG, but the original thread is 3+ weeks old, so perhaps it's not getting any notice if you don't go and manually sort by last reply like I do - or save links to automatically sort by last reply.

So anyone know if it's possible to incorporate random projectile error into targetted spells?

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I meant to reply earlier sorry, I'm not a coder by any stretch of the imagination, but common sense would seem to say that anything that is in a weapons [attack] block could also be added to a spells [attack] block. Did you try dropping the

        aiming_error_range = 5;
        use_aiming_error = true;

Into fireballs template?

Ya with spells in ds they use different methods for aiming. Some are purely sfx, some are skrit, some are combination. For those spells which are skrit based projectiles you can add random error to them by simply editing the skrit files. For sfx files, I haven't investigated sfx in ds2 yet thoroughly, but it seems much more "skrit based" so you can probably do the same thing there ( though that would suck because you would have to manually edit each spell -.- ). Post any questions you have or visit me on irc.