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Reusing GPG maps

I'm trying to use a portion of the DS2 map (specifically the towns of Kalrathia and Darthrul and the desert between) as a new map. I untanked only those regions into a new folder, plus the map-level content from ds2world, from which I deleted all references to the other regions, and edited some names, camera settings etc. I also emptied out the actors and conversations from the first few regions, as I'll have new content. I didn't do the same for the gizmos, as the doors etc. will still be needed.

Then I removed the start positions from the Kalrathia region and added just one new one. I saved the map and tried to launch DS2MOD to use it. I got a bunch of errors because of stitch data for non-existent regions, but then it put me into a blank, black space that was not on the map. Siege Editor 2 is happy with each region, but I can't use the resulting map. :x

When I build a minimal one-square test map in SE2, I get loaded at the start position it requires on the first (and only) node. What do I need to do to create that situation for the partial map I've got?

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I remember reading a post a couple months ago where the author gave a tip when you deleted the original start position / node for a map... (which "breaks" the map). IIRC there was mention of a menu option in SE2 to set the default starting node / start group... or perhaps the answer was a manual gas file edit. :? When I have a few minutes I'll try to look for a more precise answer (if you need it).

SE2 does have a start groups editor, and I've tried using it. Just made things progressively worse!

contact frilly_wumpus of ultima archon 6, I believe he has done this. You'll probably find him over at the project brittania forums Smile

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It could be the "Starting Camera location" (on the Settings - Map screen in SE2).

I found that article I mentioned above...

Turns out that I'd already fixed the start groups problem, but that let me through to another error that crashed the game. After much searching of files to find the offending scid, I've now removed all the stuff I don't need and I can open the map.

Now I just have to repopulate the place with new people and write a billion new conversations, flicks etc.....