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Cat Mansion Public Beta

Irwin has told me that he will be releasing the Newest Version of Cat Mansion Adepts in the next few days for public beta. We have spent a lot of time testing it.


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Mark II

Yes the beta is released at Herena Forge. Note that it is a beta and there are a few minor issues but no major bugs. Anyone who was following my posts at the old site will know some of the new features to expect and it should be fun to play.

The conversation screen now looks like a console title. It'll work in all resolutions but in 640x480 there will be overlaps with other gui aspects. I have built in automasking of the field commands when the conversation screen is displayed but with some npcs it doesn't work as intended. Still this is about 3-4 npcs out of around 400, and is easily resolved ingame. Many thanks to Frilly Wumpus & Snowfox for helping me with the code for this.

I've revived the old ai from an earlier mod of mine, Adepts, and further refined it. Characters will now automatically heal & revive each other (if equipped with the appropriate spells or scrolls) without player intervention. Now for anyone who thinks this will make for an easy & boring game, please note that monsters are far harder & tougher, and unconciousness has been removed from the game :twisted: . Now zero hitpoints really means something.

This did lead to a major problem of course. One of my major beefs with Dungeon Siege is the fact that when your characters die, their inventory gets spilled all over the place. Since in this mod, your characters will die, A LOT, this could get very aggravating. I was able to work out a solution of sorts by providing the player with expanded backpacks. By placing all your loot & potions into the backpacks, meant that cleaning up after a battle didn't resemble the aftermath of world war three. Characters will even use potions directly from the backpacks! Backpacks can even be obtained with distinguishing marks to help with identification.

For fun I also added 16 sets & 64 set items to the Kingdom of Ehb campaign. Since I was unable to find any third party sets which allowed their use in compilations without permission (which was in the majority of cases impossible to obtain), I based all the sets on existing DS items. For example you can obtain a Crystal, Black Widow or Serpentine Set.

There is also some new recruitable characters & some characters will only join the party based on the gender of the main character Laughing out loud . If I was starting this mod about 12 months ago, you could have expected plot changes based on the gender of the main character! Alas this isn't possible now but perhaps for DS2. Anyone who have ever played the old Playstation game, Star Ocean: The Second Story, will know what I mean. Or even the effect that gender can play in the Knights of the Old Republic Games!

There is even a special LOA version of Nivisec's Suffix & Prefixes mod (over 10,000 new magic item prefixes & suffixes) included.

I'd like to publically thank all the people who have helped me with learning modding Dungeon Siege, and those who gave permission for their work or code to be included in this mod. I hope you enjoy it!

some notes from the testing after the major bugs were fixed.
It should be noted that all maps that do not have a dsres file with them will work with Cat Mansion Adepts. Also dsres files that do not alter, modify, or add to job_talk.skrits -- Modify the starting characters -- change hero.gas or the standard KoE/LoA npc gas files will also work.
so mods like halfelven, witness's elves, etc will NOT work

Mods that do not work with CMA:
• Kamtale v1 –
This is a very small (single player only) mini map for Dungeon Siege set in Tolkien's Middle-Earth.
The kam_mod.dsres modifies the hero.gas file and prevents CMA items from loading with main character. Removing the dsres allows the characters to load correctly and KamTale.dsmap works except the mod’s NPCs do not load. Therefore this mod is not compatible with CMA

• Lovee Quest 3
This map displays nothing in the conversation screen and no pictures of the NPC you are talking to. It had trouble with the standard conversation screen also. This is do to the conversation being in Japanese and an oddly written Dsmap file. The map is playable however I was never sure when I got a quest and why the quest completed.

• Dark World 1.3
This will not work because it is for Dungeon Siege 1.0 and not DS_LoA

Mods that do work with CMA
• Treasure Island v 1.2
This map works just fine, but the chickens and the goms are really hard to kill and I was very glad that I had the schoolgirl summon spell in my inventory.

• The Realm of Kings
This map works and the conversation screens display the correct pictures of the characters you are talking to. Because it contains some of it’s own custom armor the Cat Mansion, Girl Armor and Old Lady armor load less frequently but do show up in shops.

• Talon’s World v 1.3
This map works and the conversation screens display correct pictures of the characters you are talking to. Some of the NPCs are not the correct size, either to big or to small, this does not cause problems however. CMA weapons, spells, armor, girl armor and old lady armor show up in shops and monster drops with normal frequency.

• Fanelia Stadt Der Keeper
This map works and the conversation screens display correct pictures of the characters you are talking to. The conversations are in German, but it is a good map for killing things if you have a level 50 or higher player. If there are any quests I have not found them. The CMA items show up in monster drops as does Girl Armor and Old Lady Armor.

• Dark Tide Rising
This map worked with Cat Mansion 2.0 and still works correctly with the current CMA. Looks better with the new conversation screen. Could find no problems or issues in the startin

Just a quick note.

The final version of Cat Mansion Adepts is v.3.09 beta.
It requires that you also have installed Legends or Utrea 3.2

Cat Mansion Adepts replaces all versions of:
Cat Mansion Plus Pack by Iryan Ryan
Adepts by Iryan Ryan

This will most likly be the last version of any of these mods.