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(snip by Sharkull)
Not here thank you.

This is a Dungeon Siege community site, not a garbage dump. Please post trash somewhere else, thank you. I hate to disappoint you, but I think everyone here is too intelligent to bother with any of your links....(sorry mods/admins if I stepped on any toes but this is stupid....)

(Sharkull snipped the quote...)

Sharkull's picture

I deleted the links...

Kathy, no you didn't step on any toes (but in the future please don't quote / duplicate the bad stuff). I (or another staff member) will delete this type of junk when we see it... so commenting on it is not really necessary. Hopefully nobody has noticed, but this is not the first time we've had this type of post.

Ok, sorry.

It is most likely some sort of bot. Those type of posts appear on many forums. I guess it means there is more traffic here if they are starting to show up.

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kathycf wrote:
Ok, sorry.

No need to appologize... I know you intended to be helpful. Smile