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Cat Mansion Adepts


Mod Title: Cat Mansion Adepts!FxdXmKpL!SXe8j-lkYTTRW8-5iOj6IZ8qphm-52x2xQBrTU2-9ew Use this link
Author(s): Irwin Ryan (iryan) & Lili Wells (bare_elf)
Special Thanks: Hamcat (character models), Omniscient_Colossus and Techiem2-r(for hosting)

Mod Version Number: v3.09beta
Release Date: 24/7/2005
Mod Size (approx.): 37.5MB
Contact Information: or
Web Site:

Installation Instructions:
1. Place Adepts.dsres into the DSLOA folder where Dungeon Siege is installed or preferably use a Mod Manager.
Move ikkyo_loa.dsdll into the base Dungeon Siege folder (where Dungeonsiege.exe or DSLOA.exe are) otherwise
the dynamic camera options won't work.
2. Make sure there are no other mods installed. This mod will almost certainly be incompatible with the majority of other

Uninstall Instructions:
1. Delete Adepts.dsres from where it was installed.

Requirements / Compatibility
Dungeon Siege 1 Version: Will only work in Dungeon Siege 1
Other requirements (other mods, expansion packs...): Legends of Aranna is required
Windows only: n/a
Known Bugs: This is a beta. It is stable & no exceptions should occur but there are a number of issues to be aware of (see separate doc).

Mod Details
Single Player: Y
Multi-Player: Y but not tested. All players will require the mod in order to play
Difficulty Settings: Y
New Graphics: Y
New Sounds / Music: Y
New Weapons: Y
New Armor: Y
New Spells: Y
New Misc. Items (Rings, Amulets...): Y
New Character(s): Y
New Enemy Type(s): N
Modified Experience / Attribute System: Y
Modified Loot Drops: Y
Modified GUI: Y
Modified / Custom Map: N
Modified Other: ...
Modding Tools Used: Tankcreator, Tankviewer, Siege Editor, Notepad

Some content provided by: Hamcat, Omniscient_Colossus, Lurker, Theresnothinglft, Witness, Ikkyo, Nivisec
Modding advice received from: Xaa, Icemage, Frilly Wumpus, Snowfox & more modders than I can remember. Thanks to all of you!
Tested by: Iryan & Bare_Elf
Other Credits: ReadMe Template by Sharkull

Permissions :
Permission is given to use this mod's content, as long as credit is given to the author(s).

All title and intellectual property rights to the content of this mod are the property of the respective content owner and may be protected by applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties.

Gas Powered Games and Dungeon Siege are the exclusive trademarks of Gas Powered Games Corp.
Legends of Aranna is the exclusive trademark of Mad Doc Software.

The author(s) of this mod accepts no responsibility for damage to data, or physical damage to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this mod. Use this mod at your own risk. This includes hair being pulled out.

This mod is a gameplay and graphics adaption to Dungeon Siege which aims to create an anime look & feel. It is first and foremost a compilation of the hard work and efforts of a number of extremely talented artists & modders, and wouldn't be possible without their contribution.

- Two new models replacing the default farmboy & farmgirl models (thanks to Hamcat).
- altered staff and bow animations
- about 300 new npcs in towns (no more ghost towns)
- all npcs have new skins & portraits, including recruitable characters & merchants
- new conversation screen & other gui minor changes
- no unconciousness
- new ai, incorporating auto-resurrection & healing by appropriate characters
- difficulty level increased
- Legends of Aranna gives improved experience & loot (of course the monsters are far harder as well)
- 16 new item sets & 64 set items added to the Kingdom of Ehb campaign
- some new recruitable characters
- the ability to recruit some characters now depends on the gender of the main character
- about 50 odd new weapons, armors, helmets, shields, boots & gloves from the Cat Mansion Costume & Cutiegirl mods
- includes theresnothinglft's Sot3K weapon pack 3 (over 50 weapons)
- includes Lurker's items mod 4.0 (3 armors, 2 shields, 15 weapons & 6 spells)
- includes Omniscient Colossus' Weapons Pack #1 (8 weapons)
- unlocks 33 shields, 3 helms, 4 robes & 26 weapons that were unused in the game & adds new icons where necessary
- 36 new summons in assault, support & guardian styles (all with custom icons)
- all spells now accessible in singleplayer (including meteor storm, tremor & killing fist)
- it's now possible to find the majority of items in singleplayer games (including the dragon wing, phoenix sword, etc)
- special LOA version of Nivisec's Suffix & Prefixes mod (over 10,000 new magic item prefixes & suffixes)
- healing spells give improved experience
- potions have increased capacity
- enlarge backpacks ( 8 x 13 )
- all new content can be found both in storekeepers & monster drops
- dynamic adjustable camera
- improved visual range (may chug a bit on low end machines)

Further Instructions:
- To change the camera access the view options menu & click on more. Min, max azimuth controls the viewing angle.
- This mod does become very hard as you progress through the campaigns. Headstrong rushing into battle will cause casualties. Use the strengths of your characters to their best advantage. Melee characters are tough but potions are far less effective now. Mages are very effective at healing & resurrection but are quickly overcome without protection. They do now have access to very powerful spells but generally these spells have long delay times, during which the mage is defenseless & unable to cast even a healing spell.
- Characters will automatically cast any resurrection spells or scrolls in their spellbook. Unfortunately the characters are over zealous and often waste scrolls on a character that is already in the process of being revived (see enclosed doc).
- Characters will automatically cast any healing spells or scrolls in one of the two active spell slots. The healing spell or scroll doesn't has to be actively selected. The other active spell slot can be used as normal. So to turn off active healing just remove the spell or scroll from the active spell slots.
- Characters have a range limit on their permissions to automatically heal & revive other characters. This is set to approx. 14-16 game units from where you last left clicked on the ground! This means that if characters or the party wander off pursuing monsters they'll probably leave this zone, and won't receive any healing or resurrection without manual intervention. Simply left clicking on the ground near the party or character will reset the proper behaviour.
- Mages are often over zealous with their healing duties and will ignore movement orders so as to help a fellow character, often to their own detriment! If you need to retreat the party to safe grounds, make sure to click as far away from the battle ground as possible and they will reluctantly obey. Don't be surprise however when they stop as soon as possible in order to cast that spell!
- While characters won't drop their equipped items on death, they will still drop any items in their inventory. It is highly recommended to provide every character in your party with a backpack (you can obtain a backpack for free early on in each campaign in Ehb, LOA & LOU). All loot can then be placed into the backpacks which means easy & convenient retrieval of all items. Characters will still use any potions stored within backpacks through use of the shortcut keys (H & M) or gui icons. Clicking the sell all button in stores will sell all items in the backpack depending on the option you choose.
- Come up with your own strageties for success.

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Because of several requests to both Iryan and myself I have posted the final version of Cat Mansion Adepts here for anyone interested.


serraavatar's picture

Thanks a million to bare_elf and Iryan for making this fantastic mod available once again for the public Laughing out loud This mod really brings DSLoA to another dimension. I can only imagine the enormous amount of collective effort that was put into the mod.

I have a quick question:
I'm currently using the Adepts mod with Iryan's Legend of Utrae (v3.2) and so far the game play is flawless. I notice there is a female NPC with the name "Lititia" in the house not far from the starting location in Elddim.

It seems like Lititia is a hirable character but I could not get to the conversation where you could "accept" her alligence. Her only line is thanking you for taking her along the journey, even though she's not in the party.

I (think I have) found her template in pm_fg_extras but the name is "Letitia". I tried to tweak the template a bit but for the life of me I could not get her to join the party. I was wondering if someone could kindly shed some light on this.

Sorry for getting too long winded here. This is not an issue with either mods but simply my trying to know the mod better:)

First could you tell me what other mods you are using, since I do not recall this problem. Do not think it is a conflict with another mod but would not hurt to know. Keep in mind that the characters and their conversations are located in several areas of both mods. However in the conversation within Adepts you must pay some money to have her join your party. So that could be the problem you do not have enough cash. Can you hire her using just Legends of Utrae or just Adepts? If you can then there could be a conflict between LoU and Adepts. Currently because of all the extras I have in my copy of Adepts I have the priority set higher than the priority of Legends of Utrae so I can not see the problem first hand.


serraavatar's picture

Thanks again for your attention and the quick reply bare_elf:)

At the moment the only mods I have are LoU 3.2 and Catmansion Adepts 3.09beta, all in the LOA folder.

I experimented with a few approaches (i.e. talk to Lititia with or without enough cash) but at the moment the only conversation that she delivers is "Thank you for choosing me. I wont let you down!".

However, I haven't thought about priority orders and I will see if a mod manager would solve the problem.

Something else I've noticed is that when I tried to play LoU + Catmansion Adepts using the LOAMOD (from Siege Editor) I got a bunch of errors. I set the system to ignore all the errors and was able to walk around the town but could not talk to anyone. I have zero problem if the game is executed from the default LOA shortcut.

I'm going to try hiring Lititia without the Adepts mod to see if there's difference. I'll keep you posted:)

With thanks:D

serraavatar's picture

I tried LoU without the Adepts mod and there is now a guy in that same house in place of Lititia haha. (and Lititia can nowhere be found) The name is Ivan Vallo. Not sure why but I had a good laugh on that one Laughing out loud

I briefly searched the LoU tank files and couldn't find any character by the name Lititia or Letitia. I think she was added to LoU via the Adepts mod.

You can only hire her if you have the cash.

There is no issue with the mods you just need to read what she is saying you must have $900.00 so she can pay her bills before joining. I modded my main character so she always has the cash, however you can always use the cheat +checksinthemail


Thanks for the quick bug report.

I think I found the case of the bug and will post a fixed version soon.

As you discovered Letitia simply replaces an existing npc as she is added through the Adepts mod as you concluded. She is one of the recruitable characters who is only available if your hero is of a certain gender. In this case female. I believe that you're probably playing as a male hero in which case she can't be recruited by you. As you can see from bare_elf's post she can be recruited successfully by a female hero after some penny pinching to raise the cash.

If your hero is male, what's suppose to happen is she says something along the lines of that she wishes she could go with you but has to wait for Banek to return. However I forgot to add that conversation to her instance in actor.gas so instead she defaults to the first conversation in her conversation block which is her acceptance speech.

Its a case where the developer of the mod knows what's suppose to happen and tests to that probability but forgets to test other possibilities. Let me know if you find any other bugs. Some that are already listed in the known issues text are beyond my knowledge to fix but other silly little bugs like this one should be easy enough to fix.

That some of the NPCs can only be hired by a main character of the correct sex. Since I always play as a girl I forgot that point. Oh well my mind is not as sharp as it once was...has to do with herding cats I think


serraavatar's picture

Thank you so much for your inputs bare_elf and Iryan! Especially for taking the time to test it out of me.

You were right that I was playing a male hero when I found the bug. I just tried with a female hero and whatdayaknow? It works now Laughing out loud Should have experimented with a female character....this time I really have over-complicated things>< But I did learn a few things while attempt to trouble shoot Lititia though:)

Thanks again for the awesome mod and website!

It was a bug that neither Iryan or I saw in the testing of the mod. We should have found that years and years ago. However no one ever told us about it. Thank you very much.

serraavatar's picture

Haha, I guess you guys haven't met anyone who's nerdy enough to bring this up.

I added this line to Letitia's template in the conversations block * = Conversation_Letitia
which is located in adepts\world\maps\legends_world\regions\town_center\objects\regular\actors.gas
So she can tell male hero's the following:
"I hear you will be exploring the Utraean Peninsula. I've never been outside of Elddim. I wish I could go with you but I must remain here until Banek comes back. He's out baking some fresh bread. With our current woes, he's making a fortune!" You will discover that Banek never returns so you can only hire her when you are playing as a female hero.
Not sure if I should just make a little mod to patch the conversation, wait for Iryan to make a new copy of adepts, or just let people playing Cat Madsion Adepts fix it themselves. The elf dashes off to run in circles hoping the dizziness will give her insight.


Was thinking of maybe changing the conversation above to something like this giggle
"Eeek strange man, my father Banek told me first never speak to, travel with, or except gifts from men. So go questing on your own sir.

serraavatar's picture

I found her job skrit file and basically changed the farmgirl requirement to farmboy in her conversation. So far she has been a reliable hireling and I'm glad all the trouble that we all went through was worthwhile.

edit: this way she will only join if you use male character haha...

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Good day Ladys and Gentlemen

I bought Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna to day and I remember playing this game with Cat Mansion Compilation Plus Pack back in the 2005, but I also remember playing Cat Mansion Adepts back then. I toke my hours to find Cat Mansion and a lot of patience to find Adepts so... May I ask how to download the mod from here? There is no "Download button" anywhere to be seen.

I know this may be of topic, but does anyone know what happened to Dungeon Siege 2 Adepts? Has the project been abandoned? New seen any news about it on ModDB.

Hi Metaseal,
The DS2 version will be updated once the maps of the legendary mod (DS2) are finished. Converting things to Cat Mansion seems a bit pointless before the maps are finished. As each update to a map requires an update for Adepts.

Metaseal's picture

Good day bare_elf

would the future updates for DS2 Broken World Adepts be posted on it is ModDB web page or should I stay tuned on a determinated forum here in

Metaseal's picture

Dear bare_elf

could you please tell me where can I download DS Legends of Aranna Adepts? I cannot happend to find a download link on the description.

By the way, is the any link to download DS Legends of Aranna Cat Mansion Compilation Plus Pack here too?

I am not sure if iryan will post the updates to ModDB but I am sure when updates occur they will be posted here.

I fixed the link it is now in the first line of the description of the file, Just look at the top of the page.

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Dear bare_elf

could you please tell me where can I find DS2 Adepts forum so I can stay tuned for the future updates?

Here's the link to the forum.

Progress is on hold until the Legendary Mod is finished, though playing vanilla DS2 or Broken World should be fine. Aranna Legacy support is also behind the times as there's been a few updates to that mod since the Aranna Legacy compatibility verion was released.

For some reason the Wizard City Quest is not completing. Kill all the monsters but can not get shop keepers to sell anything. Never happened before. Must have something to do with one of the new wolf mods.