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Reporting problems - Please Read

First let me say that we the mod makers are thankful that people report problems that we may not have found when developing our mods. To help us solve your problems make sure that you have first verified that you:
1. Have the latest version or versions of the Dungeon Siege Game the mod works under.
2. That you have the latest version of the mod you have problems or questions about.
3. That you have followed the installation instructions in the readme file for the mod. As this will tell you how and where to install the files and point out any known conflicts with other mods.

Remember Staff Members have not played all of the mods on this site so you will get a much quicker response from the mod author(s) if you post your question in the forum associated with the mod. If no forum exists you can post a comment in the download section under the specific mod.

After doing this report your problem(s)
Please include in your report
1. A screen shot of the problem if possible
2. A list of the files in your resource folder and map folder (this will allow us to look for possible conflicts)
3. The version of Windows you are using example "Windows XP Service Pack 3" or "Windows 7 with all updates" (some versions of windows require different install or setup to play)
4. Explain what the problems are in as much detail as you possibly can. Where the problem occurs a specific location or globally. Does it occur on more than one map. Does it occur with all player types or is it specific to melee, ranged, combat mage or nature mage. What are the levels of the characters in your party.
5. Any other data such as crash reports, remember items in the DS2 resources and map folders are read by broken world. However mods in the Broken World Map and Resource folders are not seen by DS2

Thank You

I am for this information it will help any new user become familiar with this site and game etc.