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PvP Handbook.

As i havent seen this posted anywhere i guess ill do it. As you probaly know by reading my posts im really new to mapmaking in ds1 or ds2 but ive been a long time editer(almost 4 years :)) i just found this link to the pvp handbook which is a great resource if you learning to edit characters.

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Are people still gambling with blocks and breaking or did they finally start playing PvP and killing each other?

Also i miss my way of seeing the amount of HP and armor other people have... And armor breakers in general

well i dont play much ds1 these days because of ds2 but last time i checked it was a competition to see who could death boost the most lol ^^

Oh I miss the old days! Thank god I recorded all of the old editing tricks for pvp. I can't find a link to extract the files anymore since siegenetwork went down. I talked to witness a few years ago but it'll be tough to find her now.