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A late DS2:Broken world update

Better late than never..

Here is a summary of some of the things we know about DS2:Broken World already.

Early feature list:


Dungeon Siege II: Broken World, the official expansion pack, is an action/role-playing game set in a dark, post-apocalyptic fantasy world that concludes the story of Dungeon Siege II. You must hunt down the Dark Wizard in order exact your vengeance and undo the evil brought to the world of Aranna.


• After the shocking betrayal at the end of Dungeon Siege II, play through Act IV to conclude this epic adventure.

• 10 additional hours of primary quest gameplay and an additional 5 hours of optional quests and levels, including two new modes of play, Mercenary and Elite.

• Over 40 new monsters and beasts with powers that will change the way you play.

• New items including all new powerful weapons and armor, as well as enchanting magic items.

• Two brand new character classes that combine the powers of magic and combat. All new spells and powers.

• New pets have been added to enhance gameplay in addition to new races for the world of Aranna – the Dwarves are now back by popular demand!

• All new powers and skills

• New reagent recipes that will allow you to create unique and powerful items.

Some monsters we have seen:

Incinerating Bound Elf
These horrors used to be Elves. Elven mages are naturally intelligent and skilled in combat magic, and Bound Elves have been altered to magnify those traits. Whatever created them rewired their nerves, removed unessential body parts, and grafted on metal plates to make their bodies ideal for conducting fiery power. No longer able to walk or even move, these soulless husks float along, immolating every living thing they see.

They are especially deadly against other mages who specialize in fire attacks. Bound Elves simply soak up fire magic and use it to recharge their own powers.

Morden Ravager
When Valdis was defeated and Zaramoth’s sword was broken, hundreds of Morden were left without a home, without a leader, and without a mission. One group, the Morden-Sin, was driven mad with bloodlust. They erected crude fortifications in the desert and started killing everything they encountered, often even turning on each other in their rage. Those who have encountered them simply call them ‘Ravagers.’

Their bloodlust, violence, and increased strength are mysterious. Many suspect that something terrible is behind their madness and power, but since few survive a Ravager encounter, no one has yet been able to uncover their secret.

Some armor:

Assassin Armor
The blood and rune magic that assassins use is forbidden by most societies. Practicing it is punishable by anything from exile to execution. This is of little concern to Blood Assassins, who believe their abilities put them above society.

Assassin armor is flashy and has potent runic woven throughout it that enhances its effectiveness. Only those who have learned the tenets of blood and rune magic can wear it, so Blood Assassins wear it to mark themselves, daring others to defy them.

Defender Armor
Much like Dryad Nature Mages are protectors of the wild jungles and natural spaces of Aranna, Dwarven Fists of Stone are protectors of the mountainous natural spaces of western Aranna. They protect travelers moving through their lands and battle hostile creatures who would invade or despoil their homes. Their armor is strong, but flexible, and is equipped with many types of supplies and tools. Its enchantments increase its durability, but prevent anyone other than a Fist of Stone from using it properly.

Some powers:

Description for Execute and Mark spells
It’s bad enough to get shot with an arrow, but it’s even worse when the arrow is fired by a Blood Assassin. Blood Assassin attacks “mark” their enemies with powerful magical runes. When the Assassin uses her Execute finishing move, it activates the magic of those runes, releasing their power it in an explosion of energy on the marked victims.

To make things worse, the Blood Assassin has a repertoire of several marks, each with a different effect when activated. If you become marked, you need only glance at the rune to see whether you will be burned, cursed, or simply struck down.

Tom Ohly from Evolve gave this extra explanation of the two Blood Assassin powers.

Here's how it works. The Blood Assassin has a series of buff spells called "Mark of X", such as "Mark of Agony" and "Mark of Harvest". She can have one of those spells cast on herself at any time. When she has one of those spells on herself, her ranged attacks will mark enemies she hits with the associated rune.

When she uses the Execute power, it searches for all enemies around her with marks on them. Depending on the mark, Execute then does different types of damage:

Agony Mark: Straight magic damage
Harvest Mark: Death damage, heal the party
Fire Mark: Fire damage to marked enemy and enemies around it

Short answer - marks are spells that cause Blood Assassin ranged attacks to put runes on enemies. Execute is a power that damages enemies with runes on them.

Here is a movie of them in action that you can download.

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Morden....oh god. Love them.

Morden will be interesting in the expansion.