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Odds and Ends: The Search for Blunt Objects

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If you were around the community back a couple of years you might remember a thread on Siegenetwork called 'Household Blunt Objects', I started that topic to get some ideas on some objects that would make some awesome weapons with which to go around crushing krug with, there were tons of good ideas and I was able to put together a couple of cool looking weapons. Mushy (Aka Shocked) hopped on board the project after I convinced him that he could model and modeled a couple of objects for me, and also figured out how to make inventory icons and made my life easier by making a bunch for me. Unfortunately life got busy and the project was shelved.

Well I was cleaning off my hard drive the other day and was going through my old DS files (so many unfinished projects :oops: ) and I ran across the odds and ends files, my goal for the mod was to create 100 unique items and have them randomly drop. At the moment I have just over a quarter of that. So I decided to maybe try to start working towards finishing that goal. After that who knows?

After putting some thought into it, I thought it might be interesting to turn this into a community mod, I would be willing to write a tutorial (Soon hopefully) on modeling basic weapons, I know there are a couple floating around already, but write one about my way of doing it and post it here.

I would then love to see if people would be willing to submit models to this pack, and once it reaches 100, I would release it. The project would be created for DS1 then ported over to DS2, as the art files can go both ways.

So if you’re even slightly artistic, I'd love to work with youto get your models into this pack and your name into the credits list.

If your not artistic and want to help still, I hate doing .gas work and would love it if someone would go through the code files and balance the damages and defences to a somewhat realistic level.

And finally I need ideas please please, please, post ideas of blunt household objects (size and obscurity is irrelevant) that are rigid, and that would be fun to smash krug with, in this thread.

Give me a shout below or PM me, if you have ideas or are interested in helping .



And you didn't think I wouldn't attach a image of some of the current objects did yah? Wink

The briefcase would be used as a shield with this "armor"

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ghastley wrote:

The briefcase would be used as a shield with this "armor"

Hmmm, executive. Cool

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I remember seeing pics of mcarp's Actuary Man who had a briefcase in hand as a melee weapon, and when he hit something with it, papers when flying everywhere... Laughing out loud Very creative.