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Shameless Self Plug

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Ahhhhh the wonders of being a admin Cool

Check out my recent topic here here

In a nutshell I'm looking for a few brave souls to contribute some weapon models to a giant pack. I'd even be willing to teach you how to model weapons for it!

Refuse to even let yourself think for a moment that you might be able to model a paper towel roll to submit? Don't worry you won't escape so easily :). I also need some creative, (or maybe not so creative) people to just give ideas of things that they seen lying around and always felt the urge to pick up and teach that lil' dog down the lane that barking at 3 o'clock in the morning is a punishable offence. So please stop by!

And look forward to my next news blurb that won't be highlighting me!

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Question: This mod is for DS1, I hope?

Though the people I have doing weapon work are busy with Derelict, I can submit some ideas.

1. A club....big one. Very big.

2. A huge lance. (If you've ever seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the part with the three headed giant)

3. A club with spikes all over it, which would be cool.

4. Maybe a big fork.