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Server maintenance

Hi guys,

I hope you are all doing well. My host just sent me an email about some server maintenance today (19 August) sometime between 8:00pm and 12:00am MDT (UTC/GMT-6). It should last about 30 min so remember your towel and don't panic.

ps. Sorry for being so absent lately. Family life is awesome but I'm running a bit low on time for sitting by the computer. Smile

Oh towel! I can't find it anywhere! XD jk

Lol it's understandable, family life has the best of me as well

What will I do what will I do. No connection to here for 30 minutes or so sometime today eeeeek Panic

Glad to see your family life is going good. Say hi for me.

Now back to herding cats


It appears that my towel was taken by Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton who gave it to Benjy Mouse.

Now Frankie and Benjy are the mice that Arthur (et al.) encounter on Magrathea. Frankie and Benjy wish to extract the final readout data from Arthur's brain to get the Ultimate Question. Frankie and Benjy are, after all, part of the pan-dimensional race that created the Earth as a supercomputer successor to Deep Thought in order to find out the question to which the answer was 42.

My towel is peach colored. *waves at Sol*

Hello :sun: .

Glad family life is going well. Smile