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Graphical problems with Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna

Hey ho, a friend of mine have some problems playing Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna.
Here are some screen shoots in a imgur album:,rLgWSNd,B5oWyil,8reI5t2,xmYiggt,lLXET6B#0

Basically his game's is stretching colours/textures? all over his screen. The game overall runs okay, no bugs and errors on startup only this annoying twitching/flickering of the game.

Here is what we have tried to solve it:

1#Downloaded and installed DirectX 9c and 8

2#Updating video drivers (Nvidia Geforce GT 720m)

3#Configured DSvideoConfic with NVIDIA Geforce GT 720m Hardware and Primary, basically all of em have been tried on the list in it.

4#Tried these targetline commands: bltonly=true vsync=true maxfps="30/60" simplerender=true

5# Updated game back and forth

6# We used a mod called DSX ( And that is the only mod.
But we have tried removing it and havent seen any difference with or without the mod.

None of these have worked. His specs as far as i remember is: Nvidia Geforce GT 720m, windows 8 64 bit. The game is Dungeon Siege 1 Legends of Aranna expansion. Not steam version
Anyone know a solution?

Well for one, Skype does not run well when you play Dungeon Siege, just thought I'd tell ya. Another thing is, Windows 8 was not a good choice if you wanted to play a game like this lol. Anyway, enough hindsight.. You must be absolutely certain that the both of you have the exact same version of the game, and the exact same resources/maps in your Dungeon Siege folder. Other than that, it could be a connection issue from either you or him. Lagging, glitches, and ping errors are common in multiplayer games.

There are several possible reasons why the game is being displayed as it is.
I see that you have tried removing the mod and there was no change. I also assume that you are playing multi player by your comments. Does the game have the same issues if your friend attempts a single player game? Does the game work on your computer, or do you have the same problems? Also remember that Legends of Aranna reads all the files in both the DSLoA folder and the resources folder of DS1 so verify that your friend has no extra mod files in either folder.
Can you or your friend provide a bit more detail about the system hardware and software? such as versions of the drivers for the various components - type of processor.

I am currently running Windows 7 x64 Professional on my desktop and Windows XP service pack 3 on my notebook. So have no direct experience with any version of Windows 8 except what runs on my tablet (for work no games). However there are several people here who have windows 8 and I believe that some have Legends of Aranna running correctly. So people if you do please help Grana.


My grandfather has Windows 8.1 x64 bit but there aren't any issues whatsoever, I set it up myself. Clean install, only a few mods. This may just be a hardware incompatibility you're experiencing with this game. I'm not even running the game in Compatibility Mode or with Administrative Privileges... But if it helps, you should try Compatibility Mode for Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Administrative Privileges on. Hope this helps

Yeah its the same effect on singleplayer and multiplayer, no difference. And just to say again to make sure no confusion; no we don't have different versions, or separate mods or anything different at all.
He just got a new laptop with windows 8 so i doubt he will install a new system on it just to play this.
Here is the rest of the specs:

15,6" 1366x768
Intel® Core™ i7-4500U
500 GB HD
GeForce® GT 720M 2 GB

The game works fine on my computer(no errors,bugs, glitches etc), i have windows 8 and haven't done any tweaks besides changing the configuration on the VideoConfig runner in the install folder.

And yeah he have tried to run it in every compatibility mode and nothing has changed.

What is the driver version of your friend's GeForce® GT 720M 2 GB?
Is the GeForce® GT 720M 2 GB the only video on his system?

I have read in several forums on the Nvidia Site that some of the newer drivers for the GeForce series of cards have problems with older video games and other graphics programs (some of these issues have been corrected by the software vendors - however since the vendors of DS no longer support it). What is the driver version that your friend is using? Can you tell me the make (brand) and model of your friend's Laptop? There may be a solution but I will need to look at the exact hardware configuration of the Motherboard and other assets.


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I also have this issue, I searched on the web and it seems Grana is the only one that has the same problem as me.
I had done the same steps as Grana and I did notice that my video card in DSvideoConfig the video card was actually my integrated video card (Intel(R) HD graphics 4600)
So I did use the nvidia control panel to force DS to use the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M. but for a reason, it doesn't allow me to change it for DSLOA
The Dungeon siege game works perfectly with that last fix, but the Legend of Aranna game has always those graphics bugs
So it probably something with new video cards not reconized by DS.
I heard that DS use system_detail.gas located in the game's file to search for video card, mine is not listed.
tryed to use a fix from DS2 that apparantly shoud work for DS 1 as well, but the deviceID.exe only find the Intel(R) HD graphics 4600:
some link of this page are also broken

So just for information, I am using the CD version of DSLOA, singleplayer with no mods

here is my laptop hardware:
Intel core i7-4800MQ processor
Nvidia Geforce GTX 870M : driver 344.48
12G Ram
HDD: 1T + 128G SSD

Hope we can find a solution,

Termi222 wrote:
. . .
I heard that DS use system_detail.gas located in the game's file to search for video card, mine is not listed.
tryed to use a fix from DS2 that apparantly shoud work for DS 1 as well, but the deviceID.exe only find the Intel(R) HD graphics 4600:
some link of this page are also broken
. . .
Besides of specific software tools there is another way to find out the required IDs in Windows 7/8 (Vista/XP too!?), so open once the 'Device Manager' and click on 'Display Adapters'.

In the properties of the graphic card you will find a 'Details' tab where you can select another property.
Usually the preset property is 'Device description', however you should select 'Hardware IDs'.

Then strings like 'PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0F31&SUB...' will be displayed giving you a hint about the IDs.
So here the vendor ID would be 0x8086 and the device ID 0x0F31.

Use these data to generate a system_detail.gas for DS1 (has its own page):       <== for DS2   <== for DS1

Try turning on VSync in their nvidia control panel.

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I did it, but what I am suppose to do next, the DSvideoConfig still doesn't offert the choice of the GTX 870M

All option are locked on the nvidia control panel for DSLOA, I can't change it.

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I finally found the solution.
Nvidia control panel use predefined setting for some games DSLOA is one of them.
By renaming the DSLOA.exe to DSLOA-optimum.exe (just another name) you can then add the new DSLOA-optimum to the list of NVIDIA control panel and switch it to use High performance Nvidia processor.
So now the game is running absolutely well

Here is where I found the turnaround:

An easy fix, for the future, is to open up the Nvidia 3d preference thing and turn off anything that mention it. This will help it run far smoother and should even fix a majority of the glitches. After this, all you have to really do is turn off the shadows and everything should run perfectly!

In my laptop displayed bad graphics but i fixed this... I change shadows options and works perfectly... Try this in the game: Menu>Options>Video>Shadows>None

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