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ACP Weapons Pack

Ahh, Not much of a forum person am I, though now I have discovered this place I am sure my face will pop up now and then...
Anyway, down to Business...

I have been making Weapons in GMAX (SiegeMax to be picky) for quite a long time now, My main focus is on 1 handed melee weapons such as Swords, Maces, Hand Axes... Even made a few bows.

Anyhow, I started reading Siege University to discover it actually teaches people how to do some things in gmax instead one figuring it all ones self.
Everyone knows before a model of a weapon can be exported it needs a grip, a dummy root and the 2 trace attachments right?

Well to be honest, I'm fed up with making swords now, No one seems to appreciate them anyway So I want to start making armour sets
(Boots, Gloves, Body Armour, Helmets and Shields)
There are no Tutorials for this, I would REALLY love to know how I could go about doing this...

Can anybody here teach me how I can do them, tell me what attachments need to go on armour, does it need a grip, dummy root, traces and what not. I would Really like to release something better then just a “Weapons Pack” so if anyone can supply me with the information I need or direct me to all the information I need to learn how to make all the equipment, please e-mail me, contact me via MSN or just leave a post here and I will bookmark the thread so I can check it daily.

- Adam Cooper

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The only thing in common glove modeling and weapons is that they both have a dummy_root.
Other they're completely different :roll:

Let's get right down business. Do you want to make new glove models or just make new textures?
Giving new textures to glove (armor, boots, etc), you won't even need gmax for that while glove-modeling is a bit more complicated Laughing out loud

Come now... I want to make new models for gloves, boots, shields, armor and helmets... texturing is easy and so is making a BOX and calling it a helmet, I just dont know what it needs before being exported, how you can check size and all that.

A Beginners Guide for making whole armor sets would be Really nice, I can breeze through the parts I already know and crack on with the stuff I don't know

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Alrighty! This head creation tutorial should get you started on making new helmets. Boots and gloves are done the same way.
Bear in mind you will have to do this four times for each playable character. (So that all character of all race can use it).

Also here's a Armor creation tutorial. I also suggest you download a few artpack to see the "finished" product.

Good luck

Thanks for your effort... but these tutorials are not what I am looking for...

One of them teaches you how to make a new Head, not a Helmet... Helmets are Equippable, have Icons, Are Sellable, you can drop them on the floor etc...

And the Armour tutorial is just making a monster character wear some leather armor, I have already followed these tutorials a long time ago but they do not teach me how to make armur from scratch, like a new shape or something and get it in game

I realised there are no tutorials from Scratch on Planet Dungeon Siege except the Weapon Creation by Xaa I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there who has msn that I can ask in person while i'm making something, what to do next

Or maybe you can explain why you showed me them tutorials Lurker, it would help if you could explain how they can help with making equipment from scratch


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Actually, those are what you need. When you equip a helmet, DS replaces your regular 'head' with the helmet. The same goes for armor, gloves, and boots; hence why you need make four.
Foll the tutorial for making a new helmet then copy an existing (helmet) template and make changes here.

armor_style = 004; //Texture of your helmet eg b_a_hlmt_004
armor_type = type4; //the model eg. m_c_gah_fb_hlmt_type4
f defense = 12.000000;
equip_requirements = strength:20;
inventory_icon = b_gui_ig_i_a_hlmt_004; //your new inventory icon

The step are similar for gloves, boots, armor. You don't have to follow the steps exactly.

Oh to make the version that's on the ground, just add a dummy_root and nothing else and you're done Wink

Could you possibly make me a open source example of them? like the gmax file for a helmet, boots, gloves, body and shield? if possible? all ready to be exported to asp...

I learn easilly from examples, this would be a great help

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download the farmboy (or farmgirl/dwarf/skeleton ) artpacks. They will have gloves and few helmets for you to 'tryout'

Thanks Lurker, You have been helpful so far... Not exact but still helpful, I will try out these Art Packs...

Lurker wrote:
Actually, those are what you need. When you equip a helmet, DS replaces your regular 'head' with the helmet. The same goes for armor, gloves, and boots; hence why you need make four.
Foll the tutorial for making a new helmet then copy an existing (helmet) template and make changes here.

Yes heads get the geometry replaced, which is why you need to the the neck verts assigned as well as the bone weighting.
Gloves and Boots are a bit different because they are being added to the characters skeleton (the hands with the skin material are just faded out). Bone weighting to the hand can be tricky (best to do by vertex weight) and there are two of them to do per char... so unless you are really making a big shape change to the glove you may be better off with merely a new texture for existing gloves. If you make gloves, dont forget about the model for gloves on the ground too.


All that sounds WAY to advanced for me...
lol... <snip> It... I'll stick to making weapons, everyone* seems to like what I done so far anyway

* - Everyone that I have shown though MSN.

That was me posting above, stupid thing dont log in automatically coz i have tight security that stops cookes Tongue