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More BW updates

The first exclusive dev interview will go to DS Heaven. So keep you eyes open for that and maybe submit some questions at their site.

Also we have some new screenshots and artwork of 2 BW monsters to show off. The artwork is really nice.

Volatile Boggrot:
Boggrots are vicious, hateful, predators. Volatile Boggrots are a particularly spiteful breed that has evolved with highly unstable body chemistry. When slain, they generate a fiery reaction within themselves, creating a violent explosion that hopefully kills their attacker.

Adventurers that are fighting volatile boggrots need to be careful not to kill them near their fragile companions, and not to kill too many at once. An overzealous fighter who unleashes a devastating power move to kill a group of volatile boggrots can wipe out his entire party!

Bound Hyena:
The Bound Hyena is one of many twisted, mutilated monsters that have been found roaming the broken world of Aranna. The hyena’s upper jaw appears to have been broken to allow a makeshift cannon to be created within its mouth. An eye has been gouged out of some poor creature and stitched to the end of the Bound Hyena's tongue. The beast uses it to blast its targets with necromantic death magic.

Exactly what has happened to these creatures is unclear, but it’s obvious that some cruel mind is creating them intentionally. They no longer have free will, and simply attack everything they see, continuing to tear at a victim even after it is long dead.

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I wonder if I should repost all my Q's over at DSH... :?

I like the idea behind death damage (D2 Undead Stygian Doll style...). That will make melee powers a bit more interesting. Laughing out loud

BTW, I think the "Volatile Boggrot" is describing the first pair of pictures (with the exploding monster body...). Wink

BTW, I think the "Volatile Boggrot" is describing the first pair of pictures (with the exploding monster body...)

oops. Smile

Also there will be more interviews so we might get one as well. We'll see.

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Whatever happened to that Uber Massive Boggrot that was in the origonal DS2 trailer? I want to see that!

Go to Arianne in the Dryad city (by the great Hall). You will see a sequence with it as she tells you about a terrible monster in the djungle. Maybe you remember what was up with that monster? Smile