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No respawn?

Is it possible to completely urn the respawn off? I know about respawn_chance parameter but don't know where to change it. Respawning monsters are the ONLY problem prevents me from enjoying the game!

Welcome to Siege the Day. Could you provide a little more information about your problem like:
1. What game the standard ds2 or some other map?
2. Do you have any mods installed?
3. When the respawning occurs that causes you problems?
What other data you can give us will help those of us who look into problems have an easier time.

For the most part however monsters will respawn whenever you restart the game.


1.Standard game.
2.MonsterLevel adjustment mod installed because it has respawn control parameter.
3.Monsters respawn everywhere when I restart the game.

Is it possible to disable these respawns completely?

Hello Krassandra,
That will be of a great deal of help. If you are using the Monster Level Adjustment Mod (MLA) you may wish to ask KillerGermal about that since that is his mod.


Where to find that "KillerGermal"? Search by users gives no result. Need help.

The Level Adjustment mod can't help you here.
For GPG's maps the percentage of monster to respawn is defined in the [tuning_placement] part inside the config/global_settings.gas file.

I'm not aware of any way to offer the player a possibility to re-assingn this value 'from outside' with a mod - it seem the entire file needs to be replaced with an individually pleasant rate.

I have no idea where to find "global_settings.gas". Neither my game folder nor folder in "My documents" have "config" subfolder. There is no "global_settings.gas" file on my system at all.

I play original DS II with your mod (by the way, it's very good so I'll keep it even if it can't help with respawn) Smile

Krassandra wrote:
I have no idea where to find "global_settings.gas". Neither my game folder nor folder in "My documents" have "config" subfolder. There is no "global_settings.gas" file on my system at all.

I play original DS II with your mod (by the way, it's very good so I'll keep it even if it can't help with respawn) Smile

You can't find global_settings.gas because its hidden in another file called logic.ds2res, which is like a zip file containing thousands of other files.

Anyhow if you want to try a completely untested attempt at removing the respawn rate, you can try this mod, which simply makes the changes KillerGremal suggested.

Place in your resources folder. Should work in either DS2 or Broken World. There's probably such a mod already in existence if one could just find it.

Thanks a million!

I have searched "no respawn" mod but was unsure does it exist. All I've managed to find is MonsterLevel adjustment mod. What a great surprise to see there is precisely a "no respawn mod" too!
I've just tested it, and it works! No respawn, even after the game reload. Will try it together with "MonsterLevel adjustment", because no respawn may lead to lack of experience of my party.

I am playing with the Aranna Legacy mod, level adjustment mod, and a bunch of small other mods, and some enemies respawn. The ones that I am aware of are:
1. On the tutorial beach hidden areas.
2. Hak'u that drops from above near a driad statue after the unconcious driad guard which you can heal.
3. In Arinth's Ravine (prophet mini-boss and his seer flunkies).
4. Multiple enemies in the secret Morden snow canyon (in the morden snow canyon mini-mod that goes with the War Hound mod).
5. Two Morden crossbowmen in Snowbrook Inner Keep, on the stairs near the top.
6. In Some Lost Elven Ruins in Lost Valley of the Azunites.
7. A couple enemies near enchantable items shop in Azunite Desert.
8. Plagued Veesh Man-Eaters in Kalrathian inn.
9. Ganth in Kalrathian Water Chapel.
10. Under first bridge near the entrance in Darthul (where the Kohl Beast mini-quest is).
11. During the Kohl Beast mini-quest, waves of enemies appear every time when looking into the pet store, even after the quest is completed.
12. In Morden Chief room in City of Darthrul.
13. All enemies in Mysterious Quest location.
14. Multiple Morden Ravagers in Morden Ravager Camp.
15. A Morden Ravager in Eastern Kelvaran Waste. Walks out from behind a rock.
16. Bound Taclaks in a small ruined house near Aman'lu bridge.

Is there a way to make this mod work with DS1 maps from the Legendary Mod? I much prefer having cleared-out locations stay monster-clean. This mod will make more sense on DS1 maps as well, since you will be able to fill out all Bestiary entries even without locations re-populating, while on DS2 maps all types of monsters simply do not spawn at once.

Well... I think I managed to disable monster respawn in Legendary Mod maps by editing the files in the Monster Level Adjustment mod, but now all melee attacks, both mine and my enemies', always miss. I can't even hit a barrel with a melee attack.

EDIT: I don't know what was wrong, but I retried with a fresh install, and everything worked. I did not test this method yet, but it does seem like Legendary Mod can be played with no respawn by editing the Monster Level Adjustment mod. However, I still wans't able to disable container respawn by editing the Aranna Legacy mod, and respawn-less DS2 maps still lead to not fighting all encounters and empty Bestiary entries.

EDIT2: upon closer inspection of DS1 maps I see that I have the same issue as with DS2 maps: some encounters (most likely custom-placed ones) do not obey the same respawning rules as the others.